The Lowrider Tour stop in Phoenix, Arizona, is always a good one for hopping and dancing, maybe because hydraulics are legal in this state. This usually brings out a bunch of locals who want to compete and be a part of the big picture. This helps the movement evolve and get stronger.

The show set another attendance record as more than 20,000 spectators rolled through the gates of the Arizona State Fairgrounds to check out 500 of the industry’s top rides. The hydraulics competition was sponsored by CCE Hydraulics and featured more than 20 of the best hydraulic vehicles.

The competition started with the Single-Pump Hop and Victor Garibo hopping his Chevy Malibu wagon to 36 inches. Next to place was Jose Marquez with his ’86 Buick Regal that hopped 30 inches to lock in Third Place. Last up was 2006 Single-Pump record holder David Marquez, who showed us what he was about by hopping his ’64 Chevy Impala to 70 inches to easily win the class.

The Double-Pump Hop kicked off with Ron Eggers of Las Vegas at the switch of his Black Magic Hydraulics Olds Cutlass. Unfortunately, Ron broke his shocks, which limited the car’s performance. It maxed out at 62 inches to take home Third Place. Next up was Mike Moreno, who brought out his ’61 Impala, which topped out at 73 inches, good enough for Second Place. Dave Marquez from Northern California showed us why he was the 2006 Tour Double-Pump champion as his Cutlass kept smashing the back bumper and losing a few parts on its way to 76 inches.

There was just one competitor in the Truck Hop, so all that Shaun from Black Magic had to do was make sure not to break down and he’d have an easy win. Shaun said to hell with that and tried his luck at breaking the Tour record, ultimately hitting 78 inches with his Mazda truck.

The Radical Hop class is a real crowd favorite and there were 10 competitors at Phoenix to battle it out for top honors. When the dust had settled, the three victors were as follows: Joel Mendez claimed Third Place with his ’86 Regal at 84 inches, Mike Moreno and his ’88 Mazda squeezed into Second at 86 inches, and First Place was won by New Mexico’s Eppie Martinez, who set the record to beat at 94 inches. We’re going to have to see how long that number holds up.

There were two competitors in each of the two car dancing classes. First up in the Street Car Dance was Cristal Bisel’s ’87 Chevy Monte Carlo, which danced to a technical routine and covered all of the required moves. The Monte Carlo earned 23 points with the help of Augie Gomez, who had the car doing all of the right moves. Tejano Marco Lujan looked a little rusty as his ’87 Mazda scored 18 points, good for Second Place but not enough to qualify for Vegas.

The Radical Car Dance began with a performance by Joe Casillas and his ’84 Cutlass, which scored 12 points. We know that Joe felt like he wasn’t going to win with that score. Next up was Ron Eggers with “Voodoo,” his ’93 Nissan Pathfinder. Ron started off strong and had the crowd going when the truck came down hard after a 4-foot pancake and blew out two tires simultaneously while also blowing out the circuitry in the switchbox. This pretty much stopped Ron from finishing his routine, and after a 10-point deduction, he only scored nine points for the moves that he had already performed. He could’ve won but instead had to settle for Second Place.

With Phoenix being only the second stop of the Tour, we’re sure that there will be many more surprises to come. We’re looking forward to the next Tour Hop (in Tampa, Florida) and we hope to catch you at an upcoming Tour stop. Peace.