One sunny Saturday afternoon in a park in Lancaster, California, members of Majestics Car Club gathered for a little camaraderie and some fun in the sun. The Lancaster meet included the Compton, Antelope Valley, San Fernando Valley and Lindsey chapters of the club, as well as the Phoenix, Arizona, chapter.

With a softball game and a few dollars on the line, the different chapters battled it out for the payoff. While the players were working up a thirst, the grill was going all day firing up carne asada, chicken, hot dogs and burgers. The coolers were full of just about anything that you could think of in the way of spirits and refreshments. The kids enjoyed the softball game, in addition to just getting to socialize with other club members’ kids.

Near the end of the day there was a raffle with gift cards for various stores. As the afternoon was winding down and the cars were leaving, you could hear the rap of straight pipes piercing through the high desert wind. You know that everyone was saying, “Today was a good day.”

A few weeks earlier, Majestics C.C. in Detroit, Michigan, was in attendance at the Show ‘N’ Go Labor Day Picnic held at the Rooster Tail. We include a few photos from that event, as well as from one or two other shows in the area, to represent the Motor City Majestics.