We’ve been bringing you coverage of “Canada’s premier lowrider show” for several years and we’re pleased to tell you that this event gets more exciting every time that we visit. Living in the U.S., we take for granted that the lowrider culture is active from coast to coast and enjoyed by millions of enthusiasts around the world.

It’s a slightly different world north of the border, however, where the sport is still growing and a single hopping Chevy can quickly gather a fascinated Canadian crowd. The situation is rapidly improving, however, thanks to the efforts of clubs like Rollerz Only. The enthusiastic members of the Niagara Chapter of Rollerz Only C.C. are dedicated to expanding the sport, promoting the lifestyle, and increasing the area’s appreciation for our favorite rides.

The process began a half-dozen years ago when, prompted by the lack of car shows with lowrider classes, Joe Wing and the other members of Rollerz Only started their own show where hydraulic vehicles got an opportunity to display and compete. It didn’t take long before the idea caught on, attracting spectators to the event and drivers to the lifestyle. Amazingly, the current six members of the club (thankfully augmented by an army of friends and family), handle all aspects of the show, ensuring that everything runs smoothly while still retaining the family friendliness that has made “Scrape” so popular.

Canada’s premier lowrider event not only attracts a large number of lowriders from throughout the northeastern United States and the Niagara region, but also a sizable number of truck and import drivers. They arrive knowing that they will enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and great reputation of the Rollerz Only events. Even with threatening weather the day before and overcast skies the day of the show, 450 vehicles and 3,500 spectators enjoyed this past years mid-August show.

The location is always part of the attraction and Charles Daley Park in St. Catharines is just a short cruise up the QEW from one of the world’s greatest natural wonders, Niagara Falls. The grassy, tree-shaded park borders on Lake Ontario, creating a perfect backdrop for the show. Friends, food and fine cars were everywhere, making the day a series of delightful discoveries. Pack a picnic lunch or grab one of Papa Shenowski’s (Home of the Big One!) legendary sausages, dangle your feet in Lake Ontario, then enjoy the collection of the Northeast’s top lowriders, trucks and imports.

At 3 p.m., everyone gathered at the “Hop What You Got” hydro area, always one of the highlights of the show. The Canadian and U.S. fans were excited as they watched from their vantage point on the hillside. Single-pump and double-pump vehicles lined up in the hopping pit, looking for their share of the $1,400 prize money. While the numbers might not be high by Las Vegas Super Show standards, the enthusiasm of the switchmen was genuine and the crowd applauded every driver.

Jimmy Myers, the newest member of Rollerz Only from Niagara Falls, New York, led the way, showing that his candy blue Cadillac was more than just a pretty face. The beautifully pinstriped ’93 Fleetwood looked too pretty to hop, but the 12-battery car reached 29 inches to capture the $300 Single-Pump prize. He also went on to win the Luxury Hop and another $200. Mario from Toronto, Canada’s All That C.C. sent his flat black Chevy Blazer to 30 inches, winning the Single-Pump Truck Hop and pocketing $200 for his efforts.

The white Lincoln from Switches and Thangs, Toronto’s one-stop hydraulics shop, was clearly a veteran of the circuit, proudly wearing a few scars obtained from previous competitions. With True Playaz’ Jeff at the switches, the big Town Car made 27 inches before flaming out, good enough to clinch the Double-Pump win and $500. One of the crowd favorites was All That C.C. member Richard Ferrari’s ’98 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Sounding its sirens throughout the hop, the “Cop Car” hit 23 inches.

Saving the best ’til last, the guys from Altered Altitudes put on a truly astonishing performance with their nitrogen-powered pickup. Sounding like a rifle shot with every flip of the switch, the truck dazzled the crowd with its huge leaps that were easily 6 feet off of the ground. Switchmen Dave and Rob could flip the truck at will and did, several times throughout the performance, giving up only after it ran out of nitrogen. At the end of the hydro competition, the crowd showed its appreciation by applauding the switchmen for putting on a great show.

Scrape spectators knew what was next and began moving toward the main stage for the Bikini Contest. A dozen of the North’s most beautiful ladies were eager to compete, looking for the title of Miss Scrape by the Lake and a share of the $500 prize money. It was a tough decision but finally, the crowd applause chose Tania Z. as the winner. Tania took home $300 for her efforts.

The awards ceremony presented 189 trophies to deserving customizers, serving as a permanent reminder of the fun at the 2006 Scrape by the Lake. Best of Show Lowrider was Pardeep Nagra and his beautiful ’62 Chevy Impala. Club Participation went to All That C.C. from Toronto with 21 members and a great collection of cars.

If you’d like more info on the 2007 show, check our Lowrider calendar or the club site, www.scrapebythelake.com. We would like to send a special thank you to the six members of the Niagara Chapter of Rollerz Only-Pete Reibel, Jeremy Egerland, Joe Wing, Jeff Hagen, Glenn Goodwin and Jimmy Myers-for their wonderful “Northern hospitality.”