Lowrider Magazine Hall of Fame

Be There September 8, 2006

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Like all things, change is irrefutable. That is, what was yesterday’s Lowrider Movement or “onda,” is today’s politically correct “lowrider sport.” Fortunately, unlike other automotive sports, lowriding does have cultural roots. Before lowriding became an international phenomenon, and certainly before Lowrider Magazine, it was a subculture within barrios and communities across the United States. Today, the art of lowriding has reached an unprecedented level, unfortunately with some media-based negativity.

Lowrider Magazine understands the importance of educating the new enthusiast on lowriding’s cultural and political roots. More importantly, we believe it to be our duty to recognize those individuals who paved the way with blood, sweat and tears in the decades of the Lowrider Movement, and helped it become the most recognized motorsport in the world. Lowrider Magazine introduced the Lowrider Hall of Fame to honor such individuals and bring their untold stories to light.

The Lowrider Hall of Fame (LHoF) will recognize these individuals on an annual basis. The inductee is chosen according to individual achievement and/or positive role in the lifestyle, sport and culture throughout lowrider history. Fortunately, there are many great leaders in our sport today. However, the LHoF will acknowledge those leaders with a minimum of 20 years involved, in some aspect, in this history.

The LHoF Nomination Committee, consisting of Lowrider Events judges and past honorees, will submit all nominations to the LHoF Executive Committee. These nominations are reviewed and final inductees are confirmed by the Executive Committee. This reputable and experienced committee consists of Ralph Fuentes; Richard Ochoa, Sr. and Eddie Zamarron, Jr. The LHoF category honors are as follows:

Leadership Honor – A car club founder/leader who has directly affected the course, actions, contributions and positive influence of a recognized and organized group and/or car club.

Craftsmanship Honor – Designer, builder or artist in creating original and outstanding vehicles. Also, exhibiting these vehicles for a consistent period of time.

Lifetime Contributor Honor – A community leader and/or activist dedicating time, resources and heart in contributing and/or investing directly back into the lowrider community. This category may include car show promoters, who produce lowrider events that promote, educate and entertain the lowrider community.

Last October, at the 2005 LRM Las Vegas Super Show, the Lowrider Hall of Fame’s first induction ceremony transpired. Three deserving honorees were acknowledged in front of their peers and admirers, but more importantly, in front of their proud families and lifelong friends. These three set a high standard for future members of the LHoF.

A recap of those honored (as reported in the November ’05 issue) is as follows: The Leadership Honor was awarded to Julio Ruelas, founder of Duke’s Car Club. For more than five decades as a maestro de la vida, Mr. Ruelas has integrated lowriding with family values and Chicano culture. The Craftsmanship Honor was awarded to Bob Mercado of Bob & Sons Upholstery. With more than 55 years of creating automotive art, Mr. Mercado has upholstered some of the most beautiful and famous lowriders in history.

The Lifetime Contributor Honor was awarded to “El Larry” Gonzales, of L.G. Productions. Although known for forming the lowrider show format and rule book, which is still widely used today, Mr. Gonzales was recognized for his role in the establishment of Lowrider Magazine in 1977, and its resurgence in 1988. Again, congratulations to the LHoF 2005 honorees.

In its inaugural year, the Lowrider Hall of Fame was a historical achievement, and we anticipate even greater success in 2006. The Committee has received numerous comments regarding this accolade and its first honorees, without any political bias or questionable agendas.

The Lowrider Hall of Fame is proud to introduce the 2006 inductees. The Nomination Committee, which includes the 2005 honorees, has submitted great nominations this year. Although each nominee is well deserving of this honor, the induction guidelines state that only three inductees will be chosen by the Executive Committee per calendar year.

The official 2006 honors are as follows: The Leadership Honor – Joe Ray of Lifestyle Car Club; The Craftsmanship Honor- Mario de Alba, Sr. of Elite Car Club; and The Lifetime Contributor Honor – Nick Hernandez of Texas Tours and Taste of Latin Car Club. In the coming months, LRM will introduce each honoree in our magazine and profile their influence, dedication and passion to lowriding.

In its sophomore year, Lowrider Magazine’s Lowrider Hall of Fame will present this year’s awards at a special ceremony on September 8 in Montebello, California. Come and be a part of a historical night of dinner and dancing, as the lowrider community honors these three living legends.