Fontana 2004

Where it's fun, fun, fun for the Inland Empire lowriding faithful.

For those of you who missed our Fontana, California, show this past Spring, shame on you. Why do we say that? Well, you missed one of the biggest lowrider events in recent memory. The people came out in droves and you should have been among them. Held at the California Speedway, this was the second annual show at that venue and it was happening. Sponsored by Quaker State, Nitto Tire, U.S. Army, Exide Batteries, CCE Hydraulics, Player Wire Wheels and Limited Alloy Wheels, the event was attended by more than 9,000 spectators who came to see more than 700 vehicles on display and experience the Hop competition and concert.

There was also quite a media buzz as there were several film crews on hand in Fontana, including the folks from Car Crazy with show host Barry Meguiar, the famed owner of the Meguiar’s line of car care products. Barry and his crew were amazed at the quality of rides that were out at the show, from vintage cars to a brand new Bentley on dubs, they were impressed at the range of themes and details, to say the least. We also had the pleasure of having the Discovery Channel document the show and what all happens during a Lowrider Magazine Tour event. They even got to chat with our illustrious Editor Ralph Fuentes about the goings-on in the world of Lowrider Magazine. The other luminary, Ron Eggers from Black Magic Hydraulics, was focused on by the Discovery crew and his day during the event.

We were amazed at how many people were still in line after 3 o’clock in the afternoon; there were some 100-plus cars that had to be turned away from the sold-out event. Hey, see what happens when people procrastinate? Ah, but it was good to see old friends throughout the aisles. Together, Groupe, Elite and Superiors C.C. as well as others who we haven’t seen since 2003 were glad to see such a show as this, where homies can catch up with the latest news with the family and their rides.

So whether you were at the show or not, we hope that this “glimpse” of show coverage will wet your whistle as to what’s happening in the Southern California-area, the hotbed of West Coast lowriding. Peace!


Car Best of Show

First Alejandro Vega, ’79 Chevy Monte Carlo

SecondOrlando Ceballos, ’80 Cadillac

Third Joel Garcia, ’63 Chevy Impala

Best Traditional Lowrider

First Anthony Fuentes, ’57 Chevy Bel Air

Second; Peter Diaz, ’59 Chevy Impala

Third George Molina, ’58 Chevy Impala

Original ’69 or Below

First Eric Wisterman, ’63 Chevy Impala

Second Rafael Millan, ’66 Chevy Impala

ThirdMando Rico, ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster

Best Bomb

First Joe Phillips, ’51 Chevy Fleetline

Second Mike and Andrew Espinoza, ’39 Chevy Master Deluxe

Third Jesse Barrera, ’39 Chevy Master Deluxe

Best Bomb Truck

First Hector Rivera, ’48 Chevy

SecondBobby Enz, ’50 Chevy

Third Eric Quintana, ’57 Chevy

Best Truck

FirstArmando Gonzalez, ’91 Chevy Silverado

Second Roman Berber, ’92 Ford Ranger

Third Edgar Martinez, ’66 Chevy El Camino

Best Custom Compact

First Rick Fletes, ’91 Nissan Maxima

SecondAngel Edwards, ’89 Honda Accord

ThirdGilbert Rios, ’88 Nissan Sentra

Best Bicycle

First Hector Huazano

SecondAlbert DeAlba, Jr.

ThirdChristian Garcia

Best Tricycle

First Xavier Rojas

SecondFrancisco Corona

ThirdNazarath Gomez