Gather round now, boys and girls, for the play by play from this year’s hydraulic hopping contest up in Portland, Oregon’s spacious Expo Center. Held this past June, it was wall-to-wall spectators as throngs of people filled both the bleachers and aisles for the hydraulics spectacle. Although the “dance card” was a little light, there were some quality high-steppers in the arena that day. We’re talking about guys like Martin Perez with his ’84 Buick Regal Luxury hopper, which hit 34 inches. Mrs. Brandy Jenda, yes, folks, “Mrs.” Jenda came in Second with her Pontiac Grand Prix, which she drove down with her family. Hey, the family that hops together stays together, right? Wow!

The Double-Pump category had just one entrant, Agustin “Augie” Gomez with his ’61 Chevy Impala hopper. Augie managed to get 59 inches and for his efforts received a Legends Tour bonus of $500 smackers. Next, we had the Radical Hop class with Jeff Ross working the devil out of his ’88 Mazda mini-truck, “Diablo.” Jeff hit 104 inches and locked up the truck at 90 degrees to the applause of the arena. Coming in Second was Armando Vigil with his hopped-up Isuzu P’up, which hit a whopping 132 inches and making stand on its rear end.

Ah, but then it was Caesar “Spanky” Martinez’ turn, as he rolled into the center of the pit with his brightly painted ‘62 Impala “Taxi” wagon. Spanky got the taxi going so high that he spanked the competition by hitting a Legends Tour record altitude of 145 inches! The crowd went wild as he stood that wagon on its back bumper, but even better yet, he earned himself $500 bucks! Way to got, Spanky!

Like we said, the dance card was a little sparse in P-town, but there were some rousing performances. The Pacific Northwest hoppers and dancers did themselves proud. We’ll see you in the pit at the Denver, Colorado, hop stop!