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Stephanie R. Bueno

My name is Stephanie R. Bueno and I am a freelance photographer. Although my passion is photography, I also have a career as a registered nurse and I work fulltime at a hospital in Los Angeles, California. As many of you may know, I was married to the amazing and talented photographer, Jae Bueno. Together, we were an incredible team. Unfortunately, he passed away from stomach cancer in June of 2013. We had two beautiful children together, Caila and Julian.

I have had a strong desire for photography ever since I was in high school. With my camera, I enjoyed documenting my life. This included flyer parties, family events, and vacations. After high school, I loved to attend graffiti battles, car shows, and drag racing events. I enjoyed photographing Los Angeles art and culture, including classic and custom cars, and graffiti/street art.

Through my adventures in photography, I was captivated by the lowriding culture because of the intricate work that went into building a lowrider. The vibrant colors, unique designs, the fine detail and artistry are so inspiring; it motivates you to want to capture the car’s essence. Lowriding is not only about the cars, it’s a social medium, a way of life. After Jae passed away, it was difficult to move forward. Through the passion that we shared in photography, I am driven to continue. He is my greatest inspiration, along with my family, friends and supporters.

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