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In the small town of Brawley, California, you can find plenty of things to do. Just ask 12-year-old Daniel Cornejo. When he’s not going to school, playing golf or riding his skateboard, you can probably find him fooling around with his show bike, “Bad 2 Da Bon


Building a quality show bike, especially a lowrider bike, requires an endless amount of imagination coupled with perfect execution and the right resources. The desire and need is expressed through an amalgam of steel and chrome that is twisted and welded to cr


As the new millennium begins, a new type of ancient warrior is reborn, a hybrid if you like. For James A. Torres of Houston, Texas, his assailant would take almost two years to create and train for combat. It all started one day when he caught a glimpse of his

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During one of our editorial meetings the Lowrider Magazine staff were talking about replacement carpets for classic cars. A few ideas on how to “change out” the carpet were thrown around. You can buy a roll of carpet and lay it out quite nicely, but it’s not t