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Jaime Trevino of San Leandro, California, is no stranger to the lowrider scene and, in fact, he helps run it! Jaime, who’s about 30 years old, got into lowrider bicycles and lowrider model car building at about 16. Ever since, he has developed a vast number of

Tech & How-To

There are many tasks that must be mastered when restoring a pre-’50s bomba. But few elicit as much uneasiness as the electrical system. Whether the plan is to keep the 6-volt system or modernize it by converting to a 12-volt system, even the most competent mec


Let us paint a picture for you. Ventura Hobbies in Ventura, California, hosted their 16th Annual Modelfest 2004 featuring model cars, airplanes, military armor and action figures at Seaside Park in the Ventura County Fairgrounds, and they invited their closest


When it comes to playin’ around, master modeler Mike Tellez just won’t grow up. On second thought, if Mike did get all grouchy, old and gray, we wouldn’t be able to experience his charming personality… doh! Now Mike here is a bad dude to say the least, and t


At the young age of 24, Hector, of Corona, California, has devoted approximately $3,000 and two years of his time into this bike, which was originally a stock ’99 Aztlan Cruiser. In the beginning, Hector did not know much about building a bicycle and when the

Events & Auto Shows

The Classicos Car Club of Ensenada, Mexico, are our beloved hermanos to the south who love custom cars and all that comes with them just as much as the next dude, and these wise old guys seem to stay tuned into the more restored, slightly lowered and tradition

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