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Pennzoil, Gumout, Black Magic, Dayton Wire Wheels, Gr8Ride.com, Nitto Tire, CCE Hydraulics, ShowTime Hydraulics, Kenwood and Thump Records sponsored this huge grand finale to the 2000 Boulevard Tour. Without these sponsors, a tour and show of this magnitude wo

Events & Auto Shows

The 2002 Scrapin’ Tour kicked off with a grade-A show at Miami, Florida’s Youth Fair and Expo Center this past January, an event that featured more than 500 vehicles representing the Lowrider Movement in the Southeastern United States in fine style. Showing many uniquely styled rides, the South Flor


The 25 years of Lowrider Magazine has to be one of the most interesting and intriguing stories in publishing history. Beginning with the creative Chicanos at San Jose State University and hand delivery in the barrios of Aztlan, Lowrider has emerged as one of A