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Joe Ray

All my dreams have four wheels. My childhood fascination with Matchbox cars, Hot Wheels, and Revell plastic model cars grew as I got older. Cantwell High School Parking lot and the iconic Whittier Boulevard in East L.A became my automotive playground as both of these locations were considered home of the Lowrider. This was the early '70's and while Muscle cars thrived, my heart and soul belonged to the custom painted Lowriders. I especially favored the '60's and '70's styles of Buick Rivieras, Chevrolet Caprices, and Lincoln Continentals. I purchased my first Lowrider in 1975 and joined Lifestyle Car Club a few month later. As time passed I became more involved with customizing cars because of car show competition and have built some of the most popular Lowriders in the industry. Three decades later in 2006, I was elected into the Lowrider Hall of Fame and a year or so after I was offered the dream job of Editor for Lowrider Magazine. I feel fortunate to be the voice of our culture and express to the world why Lowrider Magazine will forever remain the number one authority in our automotive culture. Under my guidance, the magazine remains committed to extolling the virtues of hard work, creativity, and raising the bar for automotive modification.

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Tech & How-To

AutoMeter has the coolest collection of gauges that fit all our needs. Not only has their standard line of gauges been an industry standard, but they also have a series of gauges that are purpose-built for specific eras and looks.


Lowriding is a specialized culture of car-lovers who place integrity and family values above all else, and despite what stereotypes have been placed on us, the world is starting to realize that lowriding is a family affair that is welcome to all

Tech & How-To

The days of paying audio installers to get the job done are long gone thanks to Pioneer and their line of vehicle-specific plug-and-play components that can be installed without cutting, rewiring, or drilling.

Tech & How-To

The hydraulic suspensions of today have come a long way since the ’60s. In its infancy, the hydraulic game was plauged with problems but today, there are a plethora of parts that can make any hydraulic setup a dream to build.

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