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Beto Mendoza

When growing up as a kid my father was know for always having a video camera in hand during our family events and gatherings. I think this is why picking up a camera came so naturally to me. My other passion while growing up became cars, as I remember attending my first car show at the age of fourteen. This was the place I combined my two passions for the first time. I recall not having a camera of my own so I took my dad's along with three rolls of film without his permission.

The love continued, and by the age of nineteen I had joined a local car club with my custom Buick Regal. We attended multiple car shows all over Northern California and as always, my camera was by my side.

I used to daydream of one day having my own Lowrider style magazine and making a living off of it. But because I was living comfortably with a warehouse job, I was always hesitant to take the chance. I guess it was fate when I ended up being laid off from my job and I was forced to turn my dream into a reality. I decided to start off by producing my own Lowrider calendar. I began searching for cars and models to shoot as features but I immediately found it more difficult than expected. Although I had attended car shows most of my life, nobody knew who I was and it was difficult to gain their trust. Lucinda Keohi's Cadillac was the first car that I shot and coincidentally she even modeled for her own car. Shortly after that shoot, opportunities came around and eventually I was able to complete my first calendar.

My popularity grew as I attended more and more car shows. I was approached by Lowrider Magazine with a freelance assignment and needless to say they were happy with my work. Many years later I have now moved to Southern California as a full time employee of Lowrider Magazine.

Although I got in trouble for sneaking the camera and 3 rolls of film from my dad, I have to admit, I would do it over again in a heartbeat.

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