Artwork Submission

Rules For Submission of Art

1. If you want your art returned, remember to include a stamped (with correct postage), self-addressed envelope large enough to hold your artwork.

2. All entries must be free of gang slogans, violence, weapons, drugs and/or alcohol, nudity, prison-related symbols (fences, towers, time, bars, etc.).

3. All mediums accepted, including color transparencies and computer illustrations, but photo manipulation will not be accepted.

4. Maximum 24×36-inch size, computer artwork maximum 300 dpi as .jpg or .eps file on a CD or DVD depending on size.

5. Artwork submitted without a stamped, self-addressed envelope becomes the property of the publisher and will be destroyed after a six-month period.

6. Publisher reserves the right to edit artwork.

7. Securely attach a paper on the back of each piece of artwork that includes the actual artist’s full name, address, phone number, and the type of medium that was used to create the artwork. Also please note your age if you are under the age of 15. Artwork not having this information will not be submitted.

8. Winners must wait a full year to be eligible to win again.

9. Artist gives publisher full rights to use his/her artwork(s) in Lowrider or Lowrider Arte magazines, Lowrider websites, and any other Lowrider property or enterprise.

Send all mail submissions to:
ATTN: Lowrider Arte Editor
1821 East Dyer Road
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Online Submissions