Ever wish you could snag that underappreciated ride that’s sitting in the garage of someone you know? We’re all too familiar with the feeling of longing after a vehicle that we know would look and feel much better in our own hands. For most of us, the conversation typically goes something like this, “When you’re ready to get rid of it, let me know and I’ll take it off your hands—no questions asked.” That was the case with this ’57 Chevy, when Fidel Gallegos’ friend needed some quick cash and parted ways with the truck for a mere $2,000—making him one happy man.

After Fidel bought the truck it sat in his garage for years with just wheels and primer but that didn’t stop Fidel from flaunting his steal of a ride on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. He fondly remembers his grandkids asking to go for a ride in the “bumpy truck” as they affectionately called it. Fidel didn’t have the time to commit to the project until he fully retired from his job as a plasterer but once he had time on his hands, it was game on. As soon as he retired, his wife Yevonne and friends of Tiempo car club encouraged him to put his newfound time to good use on the ’57. Fidel had Joe Moreno lay down a slick two-tone custom paint job with some flake to set his ride apart from the rest of the pack on the Strip. It took almost eight years for Fidel to get his truck to its current state, but it was well worth the wait as is evident by the end result. Fidel still has other plans for his truck, but for now “Get N Down” can be found all over Las Vegas for local shows, school events and fundraisers … and possibly giving a ride to his Grandkids. Fidel would like to give special thanks to God, his wife Yevonne, Joe Moreno and his extended family of Tiempo car club.