Chuy Barrera’s father and uncle have been customizing cars since the ’70’s. One of his uncles was in the legendary Sabor car club; the club that appeared in the iconic Lowrider movie, “Boulevard Nights.” Given this pedigree, it’s obvious that Chuy grew up around Lowrider culture, and he is proud of this culture, too. “My dad kept us around cars, so we could stay out of trouble,” he explains. “We started off with [VW] Bugs when we were teenagers.” This only whetted young Chuy’s Lowrider appetite, so he quickly moved on to the more traditional style of Lowriders with a 1963 Impala. Throughout his career, he has had many Lowriders, including a 1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe called “La Revolucion” which was featured in our September 2008 issue.

The Hummer H2 you see here was a 2004 purchase for Chuy, as he aimed to make the brand-new-off-the-lot SUV his daily driver. Despite his love for building Lowriders, Chuy decided he wanted to make his Hummer something special. In 2007, a time when many of the custom big wheels hit the scene, Chuy found that many of the popular designs only focused on having big wheels and a z-notched frame to make the trucks sit on the floor. Once Chuy broke out his H2 in 2009, his style was completely different. It was noticeable that he had the Lowrider look at his first show, as he was the only big wheel with a full display that showed his chrome undercarriage and engraving. “Big wheels weren’t doing chrome undercarriages and engraving at the time. A lot of people have done what I have done, but it had never been done to a Hummer before me,” explains the master builder. “I kept adding something new to it at every single show and I only stopped when I felt that the only thing was left to do was to cut it and heavily modify it. I didn’t want to do that because I like driving it long distances.” Chuy is currently working on a 1975 Caprice convertible that will be out this summer.

Chuy would like to thank his whole family and car club for all their love and support.


“My Little Friend”

Owner: Chuy Barrera

Vehicle: 2004 Hummer H2

City/State: Anaheim, CA

Club: Southern Royalty

Body/Paint: Mexico Collision Center in South Gate, CA used a House of Kolor cobalt blue to paint the Hummer. Mike Lamberson of Draggin’ Lines added the leafing and stripes, while Alberto Herrera, of Visalia, CA, added the Scarface mural.

Interior: Tapi Gomez of Los Angeles used crocodile, stingray, and suede for the interior.

Sound System: Chuy decided to take on the task of installing the system himself with a Pioneer deck, 15-inch screen on the dash, eight 7-inch speakers throughout the Hummer, six Pioneer 5.5 components, two Hifonics amps, and four 15-inch Kicker subwoofers.

Chrome: Sam of Crowne Polishing and Chrome in Huntington Beach, CA did the chrome while Jaime Castanera did the engraving.

Tires: Pirelli Scorpion 315/30R30

Wheels: 30-inch Giovanna Caracas 8