Those of us lucky enough to have had a grandfather in our lives know just how much they can positively impact one’s life and future. Hawaiian Gardens resident, Eddie Tovar, can attest to this in full. While the self-employed car restorer was growing up, his grandfather had a 1954 truck; a truck that would ultimately hold great influential memories for Eddie.
“I bought the truck for $400,” Eddie told us. “The main reason I bought it was because it had a bumper that was just like the one my grandpa, Pete Bargas, had on his truck when I was growing up.” The heavy-duty diamond plate bumper held sentimental value as he remembered riding on it for special occasions. Intended to be a Rat Rod with a body drop, the truck soon became something more than just something to play with.

“While starting the build of this truck, I found myself going for detail,” Eddie explains. “I realized that Rat Rods and detail don’t go well together. It was then I decided to go all the way and build a full replica of my Grandpa Pete’s truck; color, bumper and all.” The one change he sought to add was a body drop and hydraulics, which he added tactfully. “What you see today is my take on my grandfather’s truck.” We always stress how important the concept of family is to most Lowriders, and Eddie’s truck and story are prime examples. We found Eddie’s tribute to his grandfather, Pete, to be a great inspiration for all you family-oriented builders out there. This ’54 is definitely worthy of being this month’s Brothers Truck of the Month.

Tech Specs
“Hawaiian Garden Cruiser”


Vehicle: 1954 Chevrolet, 3100 Pickup Truck Thriftmaster

Owner: Eddie Tovar

City/State: Hawaiian Gardens, CA

Car Club: Tovars

Suspension: ‘69 Camaro front suspension lowered with hydraulics. The ’72 El Camino four-link rear suspension operated by two Homies pumps and powered by four 24 series batteries.

Engine: Stock 1954 235 straight six cylinder, Rochester carburetor and a 350 transmission. One-inch exhaust installed by Lou’s Mufflers.

Paint: PPG two-stage Copper Tone shot by Eddie and Victor Melgoza.

Wheels: 15-inch original wheels and hubcaps.

Tires: US Royals 4-ply 5.60’s.