The search for the perfect project can be a tedious one, but it is nevertheless a search that those of us who choose the Lowrider lifestyle must go through. Our search usually revolves around finding a certain make and model, but sometimes our predetermined dream car can change when we find a different project that is as worthy of our attention. Sometimes it is really potential that captures our eye above all else, and that is exactly what happened with this latest project from Ruben Chacon. He found this forgotten ’49 Chevy 3100 in a barn and couldn’t resist fixing it up. “I found the truck sitting in a barn about three and a half years ago,” he explains. “The truck had been parked there since 1986, and it was covered by caterpillars and yellow overspray.” Upon inspection Ruben discovered that underneath all the overspray lied a two-tone metallic gray and navy blue paintjob by Carl’s Antiques of Odessa, TX. “They had done the paintjob in 1986, and though it had been almost twenty years, after some buffing, the paint cleaned up real well,” states an enthusiastic Ruben.

Ruben and Robert Chacon started wrenching on the 235 under the hood, while Electro Plating in El Paso, TX took care of all their chrome needs. Whitlows Upholstery in Odessa, TX brought the interior back to its original look and finished off the interior by adding some blinds to the back window. R&R Hydraulics in Odessa, TX lowered the rear three inches and the front four inches, and the build was capped off by Ruben’s accessories hunt which yielded a Fulton viewfinder, Santay suicide knob, grill guard, GM NOS locking gas cap, chrome fishtail tips and several other key additions.

Special thanks go out to Ruben Chacon Sr., Robert Chacon, Pete Balerio, David Bell, Rick and Kim Barnes, and Ruben’s family and friends. Nice work, Ruben!

Tech Specs

“Rebel Rouser”

Owner: Ruben Chacon

Vehicle: 1949 Chevrolet 3100

City/State: Odessa, TX

Club: Old Memories

Engine: 235, three-speed standard transmission, Smitties glass packs, Fenton headers, Rochester carburetor, Offenhauser dual carburetor intake, 50s Lone wolf whistle, AC Delco battery and Wayne valve cover.

Tires: Kelsey Hayes 16-inch Artillery’s.

Wheels: BF Goodrich Silvertown 16-inch Bias Ply 5.00-5.25.