The Cadillac Escalade is simply a beautiful marriage of luxury and functionality when it comes to the SUV world. Its success has not been without pitfalls, however. The first generation of Cadillac Escalades proved to be costly as it didn’t meet sales expectations and was considered to be very unsuccessful. In 2001, production of the Escalade was halted and a redesign was in the works. The second generation of Escalade’s came in with the 2002 model and it was the first vehicle to use Cadillac’s new knife-edge styling technique. The redesign and added safety features proved to be key in its success as luxury SUV generated higher profit margins. When Jorge Centeno purchased his 2002 Escalade he was more concerned with its stylish design rather than its safety features and he had big plans for it. Envisioning his Escalade as a head-turner in the streets, Jorge got down to work, carefully planning out the perfect modifications for his 2002. After adding a gorgeous House of Kolor Violet, he had murals and pinstriping accent the exterior as well, giving the Escalade a touch of class mixed with Lowrider tradition. Once the exterior was finished, luxurious leather in different patterns capped off the classy interior. Now that it has received his personal touches, Jorge’s Escalade named “Sweet Temptation” catches a lot of attention as one of the most stylish SUVs in the car show scene.

Tech Specs

“Sweet Temptation”

Owner: Jorge Centeno

Vehicle: 2002 Cadillac Escalade

City/State: Santa Ana, CA

Club: Xplizit

Engine: 5.3L, Vortec V8, Magnaflow exhaust, Optima battery.

Body/Paint: Edgar at Choice of Colors in Santa Ana, CA., sprayed the Candy Violet House of Kolors paint, while Bob Iverson of Fountain Valley, CA., striped it and Sal Elias of Santa Ana, CA added the murals.

Interior: Joe of California Upholstery in Bell Garden, CA., stitched together multiple exotic leathers, stingray ostrich and elephant skin.

Sound System: Carlos at Advanced Car Creation in Garden Grove, CA., installed the Alpine head unit, two 17-inch monitors, five 7-inch monitors, three Alphasonik amps, Focal mids, Focal tweeters and four 15-inch Kickers L7s subwoofers.

Setup: Junior at Cali Drifters in Garden Grove, CA., installed the airbag setup.

Tires: Tri Ace 275/25R30.

Wheels: 30-inch Donz.