The Lowrider lifestyle began in the Fresno scene for Benny Perez of Lemoore, CA. “I came across Lowriding when I used to watch break dancers in Fresno, CA.,” recalls Benny. “Someone pulled up and said, ‘I can do that too, but with my car.’ The car started hitting switches and I was hooked.” As Benny looked at the car hitting switches, his mind raced about how something like that belonged in the streets and that’s exactly where he wanted to be as well. “I knew I would grow up in the streets in a clean car, just like the one I witnessed that day.” Benny’s promise became a self-fulfilling prophecy. He is currently the Vice President of RezMade car club, alongside his cousin who serves as Club President. “After all these years, we (RezMade) are still building cars, cruising the streets, and hitting up shows to keep this low and slow lifestyle alive,” Benny declares proudly. When the time came to look for a new ride to build, Benny knew he wanted a vehicle that was modern, elegant, and luxurious. Since he had already built an SUV, he decided to go with a fresh-off-the-lot 2009 Cadillac Escalade EXT. “I wanted the truck to lay frame, so I took it to M.I.C., in Montclair, CA., so they could do their thing. M.I.C. was able to make the truck lay frame, even though Benny added Asanti 30-inch wheels in the front and Asanti 32-inch in the rear, wrapped in Pirelli tires. “I then purchased the Asanti grill kit and dropped it off with Rafael Felix for some of his magic dust, a/k/a candy paint,” Benny states. Rafael, of Traver, CA., finished off the build by spraying the truck in a dragonfly green and multiple colors of flake to give it that Lowrider look. Benny would like to thank Master Image Customs, Asanti Wheels, Rafael Felix, Leonardo Gonzalez, Anthony at Switch House Hydraulics, Dave at Zamz Audio, RezMade car club and his wife, Toni, for all her patience with him and input with the build.