George and Eric Quintana of Las Vegas, Nevada, are the proud owners of this one-of-a-kind ‘57 Chevy bomb truck. The pickup was built in memory of Eric’s son Lil’ Erik, who was killed by a drunk driver at a young age, which is why it took on the name “Angel Baby.”

After the truck was purchased for $1,500, it was taken immediately to Ernesto’s Body Shop in Las Vegas where the body was brought back to life with a little bit of TLC and blue pearl paint. The original engine was removed and replaced with a ’67 Chevelle 300HP monster that makes the truck rumble as it cruises the streets of Las Vegas and anywhere that there’s a show.

This truck is truly unique, especially since it was built in memory of Lil’ Erik and it sure turns heads and wins awards at every car show that it’s taken to. The truck’s come a long way from when it was purchased, thanks to Lil’ Erik’s grandparents George and Hunny Quintana, who provided most of the investment.

Eric would also like to thank everyone who had something to do with him building this award-winning bomb truck and acknowledge the love and support that he’s received from his family, friends and Oldies C.C. members. Make sure that you show some respect when you see this truck at a show or on the boulevard since it was built straight from the heart.

Angel Baby
Owner: George and Eric Quintana
Vehicle: ’57 Chevrolet pickup
City/State: Las Vegas, Nevada
Club: Oldies C.C.-San Fernando

Engine/Drivetrain: George took the initiative to replace the stock engine with a ’67 Chevelle 327, adding shaved heads, competition cam and Hooker headers.

Body/Paint: Ernesto’s Body Shop in Las Vegas shaved the firewall and fuel door, Frenched the taillights and also shaved the tailgate chains. Then it was painted blue pearl. Abel Rocha did a few murals of Lil’ Erik on the firewall with custom blues and whites to match the rest of the truck. The truck was next taken to Danny D. for the finishing pinstriping touches.

Interior: The two-tone blue tweed and vinyl interior was hooked up by Juanito’s Upholstery. They also made some custom seats and adorned the cab with a Colorado Customs steering wheel, B&M shifter and Dakota Digital gauges.

Sound System: The system is nice and simple with a custom box enclosure to hold four 6x9s in place neatly behind the seats. The sound is transmitted by a Pioneer head unit and a 400-watt Pioneer amp. The smooth setup was done by the Quintanas’ homie “Delo.”

Setup: The chassis was taken care of by Victor Ortiz at his home garage in Las Vegas and then Jesse at Custom Lowz in Riverside, California, hooked up the truck with a Whammy pump hydro setup with 8-inch cylinders all around to make the truck do front, back and side-to-side at the hit of one of the three switches.

Tires: 13-inch radials

Wheels: 13×7 custom powdercoated Dayton