At the age of 16 Chris Gonzalez, from Lubbock, Texas, got himself his first Impala. “I was driving along out in the country with my grandpa when we came upon this 1967 Impala. The back tires on the car were flat and it gave it that lowrider look that I really do like, so we stopped by and offered the owner some money and we were able to make the deal,” Chris says. The ’67 was a project car though and Chris was unable to get it going to the next stage so he then decided to sell it.

The 1976 Caprice Glasshouse featured here that you see was previously built by a member from the Goodtimes Car Club out in Las Vegas and was up for sale on Layitlow. “The first time it came up for sale, I didn’t have the money for it and some guys from Colorado ended up picking it up,” Chris says. A year later though, the same glasshouse came back up for sale once again, but Chris already had a project glasshouse in the works already.

“I am employed and work out in the oil fields so I don’t have much time to really work on any projects. So since I had the money, I figured it would be a lot cheaper if I bought a ’76 that was already built.” So Chris and a few of his friends hooked up a truck and trailer and drove eight hours to Colorado to go purchase and load up this glasshouse. Once he had the ride in his possession he sold the other project to someone local.

Along with his glasshouse, Chris also has a 1963 Impala and with that car he was able to join the Impalas Car Club. Since the car you see featured here is a Caprice, he just can’t fly an Impalas plaque. You have to do what needs to be done.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1976 Caprice Classic

Vehicle Nickname: Orange Bang

Owner: Chris Gonzalez

City/State: Lubbock, TX

Club: Impalas

Engine: Stock 350 with Edelbrock intake and carburetor

Body/Paint: Custom paint with roof patterns

Suspension: Three Black Magic pumps and 12 batteries

Wheels/Tires: 72-spoke cross-lace OG wire wheels

Interior: custom color with stock patterns

Sound System: Alpine deck, Pioneer amp, and one 12-inch Pioneer subwoofer