It all began for Ken when he was 16 years old and his grandpa gave him a 1964 Ford Galaxy. “One day my grandpa called me and told me to go get the car out of his yard before he takes it to the dump. He knew that I was into old cars so he gave it to me. My dad, who’s a mechanic is also into old cars,” explains Ken. The Galaxy became a father-and-son project as Ken’s dad helped him paint the car and rebuild the motor in it and install a transmission.

“The car was ugly, but we had it running within a month.” Ken took his car to high school, but back then, everyone was into mini-trucks. “Back then if you asked me whether I wanted the Galaxy or a mini-truck, I would have said a mini-truck. Till this day, I haven’t owned a mini-truck, but I’ve had a bunch of other cool stuff that has made up for it,” says Ken laughing. “I told my dad that I wanted to put hydraulics in the Galaxy, but he was against that. He didn’t want me to mess up the Galaxy, so he got me a 1978 Monte Carlo landau from a family member so I could put hydraulics in that.” His dad kept the Galaxy, painted it, striped it, and still owns it to this day. “That Galaxy is one of those cars that I will never be able to sell,” says Ken.

Jumping ahead to the ’60, Ken was going to buy a 1960 Impala from a local guy. “I had just sold my 1961 Impala convertible called the Ace of Spades to a guy from New York, so I had the $50k that he wanted, but I had lowballed him until he agreed to sell it for $42k.” Ken immediately went to the bank to pull out the $42k that had been wired to him, but to his surprise the bank didn’t keep that type of money on hand, they had to order it and it would take them a day to get it. Ken called the owner and told him the situation and they agreed to meet the following day. Once the bank called him letting him know that the money was ready, he called the owner to advise him, but by then the car owner had changed his mind and didn’t want to part with the ’60, even if he would have paid him what he was asking for.

With a ’60 still on his mind, Ken kept checking Craigslist to see if one would pop up. On a trip to Los Angeles, Ken found one that was located in Temecula, California. “I called the guy and he said that he wouldn’t take less than $30k.” He went out there with his fellow club members to look at it and he ended up liked it, so he made a deal. Ken paid for the car on a Tuesday and by that Friday the ’60 was in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “I had already been talking to my buddy Juan about getting the car repainted and the guys from Krazy Kutting about getting my car moldings chromed.” He had everything lined up for the car and when the work started on it, it didn’t stop until it was completed.

Ken would like to thank his wife Ursula, his kids Marcos and Alicia, his Prestigious car club family, Fred, Anthony, Gabe, and his friend Monsta for always keeping it real with him, even when Ken didn’t want to hear it.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1960 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname: Prestigious ’60

Owner: Ken Jacquez

City/State: Albuquerque, NM

Club: Prestigious

Engine: Juan Bustos of Juan’s Customs in Albuquerque, NM, installed the Chevy 283 V-8 with Slip Yoke driveshaft and original style AC Delco battery

Body/Paint: Juan Bustos sprayed an aqua two-stage base/clear and Blast from The Blast Factory in Albuquerque pinstriped it while Mario Moya from Albuquerque added the murals. Santiago of Krazy Kutting in Yuma, AZ, took care of all the chrome.

Suspension: Fred Rael of Blvd Customs in Espanola, NM, installed the airbag setup

Wheels/Tires: 72-spoke Daytons with Coker 5.20s

Interior: Al of Al’s Upholstery in Albuquerque, NM, added the original interior kit by Cars 1. Ken then added Dakota Digital gauges, billet trim, color bar, OG tissue box.

Sound System: Ken took it upon himself to install the sound system by hiding the Pioneer head unit in the glovebox, MB Quart mids, JL Audio subwoofers, and Rockford Fosgate amps