When it comes to custom cars and lowriders there’s not one parent out there who wouldn’t want their kids to share and experience their joy. That said, Alex Rodarte set out to build a pedal car for his daughter, so he decided to go to the Pomona Swap Meet where he found the body of a push car modeled after a 1960 Impala. After bringing the shell back home, that’s when he decided to head on over to Izzy of Tintaz Auto Art.

After much brainstorming, the two decided to go with a custom-built frame to hold up the body. Once complete, Izzy doused the body with a fusion of Tangelo Pearl and Voodoo Violet Candy. In addition, they added an accent motif that included True Blue Pearl and a Kandy Pink pattern for the finishing touch. Once complete, Izzy performed a full interior job on the lil’ pusher. With the final project complete and ready to stroll, it’s safe to say that the outcome was more than stellar. “They knocked it out of the park,” says Alex, “I was so happy with the job that I eventually took my own ’61 Impala in for a full paintjob.”

In the end, this just goes to show you that a passion shared is one that will forever create memories to be cherished. And while she may not be old enough to remember what she is blessed to have, the day will come when she’ll find pictures of herself strolling in her very own Impala. They will surely become some of the most cherished pictures of her childhood experiences and serve as a reminder of the father/daughter bond that can never be broken.