The adventures of lowriding began a while back for Poland’s Marcin Gacuta when he used to watch nothing but rap videos with lowrider hydraulic action and lowrider convertibles cruising along to the background and the beat. Back then, the thought of ever being involved in the lowrider culture would be impossible. It would take a visit to Chicago where he actually witnessed a ’63 Impala on a three-wheel motion heading down the streets to make that dream seem possible. After he was back home in Poland, he decided to do some research to see about choosing the right lowrider to fit his style and taste. When his homework was over, Marcin decided that the 1965 Chevrolet Impala convertible would be his final choice for a build. After years of searching around for one in the right condition to purchase, a friend called Marcin from the U.S. and told him that he found the ’65 he was looking for and that it already had hydraulics installed!

Having minimal knowledge of the automotive mechanic industry, Marcin went on to purchase the car and have it shipped over to Poland. While the classic ride was traveling on a ship across the ocean, he tried to learn as much as possible before the car would be unloaded at the docks. For two months he read specialized books and got to know everything about the Impala step by step.

Once the classic rag was brought home, Marcin’s dad was waiting with tools in hand so he could help begin the reconstruction of his son’s Impala lowrider. From the interior on over to the trunk, and then the engine and undercarriage, everything had been gone through, replaced, painted, chromed, and detailed. Thanks to all the help and dedication provided by family and friends, Marcin eventually commpleted his dream car.

While the build was taking place, Marcin got to know the prior owner of the ’65 rag who was a member of the World Wide Rollerz Only car club. Not knowing that there ever would be a chance of joining a club from the other side of the world, Marcin’s convertible looked and met the standards to join the club, and so now there is a Rollerz Only chapter residing in Poland with a convertible classic. Marcin went on later to name his prized possession “Familia ’65,” because that’s what it took to complete the build. Dedication and inspiration go a long way when you are lowriding in Poland.

Tech Specs

Vehicle Year/Make/Model: 1965 Chevrolet Impala

Vehicle Nickname: Familia ’65

Owner: Marcin Gacuta

Country: Poland

Car Club: Rollerz Only Poland Chapter

Engine: 327, Powerglide trans, MagnaFlow exhaust, Holley four-barrel carburetor

Body/Paint: PPG Fire Red

Interior: Original design in leather

Sound System: JVC head unit Alpine speakers

Suspension: CCE Hydraulics reinforced frame

Wheels/Tires: 14-inch Galaxy wire wheels