It’s been said that you’re a byproduct of your environment, and in the case of 31-year-old Morris Franklin of Peoria, Illinois, he just may disagree. Rather, he’d be the first to tell you that your surroundings can definitely affect you, but it’s the decisions you make after the fact that truly define you. Growing up in one of the worst areas in the city, he watched crime run rampant, yet rather than turn his head, he decided to join the force in order to help clean up the neighborhood and now he helps bring tolerance and understanding into the community.

Back in high school Morris’ love for lowriders instantly hooked him the minute he saw his first Impala. Just out of high school Morris saw a 1968 Chevy Impala covered by dirt and tree sap sitting in a driveway. While the owner saw a lawn ornament, Morris saw potential, so after saving up the funds he made his move. The first step in building his dream was making sure the Chevy was road ready and mechanically sound so he had Brian Duncan drop in a brand-new crate motor to help the Impala along.

Morris then brought the Impala to Jerry & Maurice at A1 Upholstery to make sure the cabin played home to a unique blend of creativity. The next stop was to his friends Brian and Josh for a custom paintjob that set the Chevy apart from the rest. To bring the Impala lower to the ground, a full air ride system was installed and hidden away completely out of sight. Morris needed some sounds to play when he took his topless Chevy out on the road so he installed a Sony head unit in the glove compartment along with high-quality Sony components.

Morris wishes to thank his son Sean Franklin for the motivation and his Street Style family worldwide as well as Maurice Rutherford for pushing him to get the Chevy completed. As a veteran police officer, Morris brings the two worlds together of lowrider and law enforcement to show that you can own a custom vehicle and uphold the law at the same time. The story behind the building of Lethal Weapon has made strides to help bring tolerance and understanding to the community and it actively involves young kids and inspires them to follow the same pattern Morris did.

Tech Specs

Vehicle: 1968 Chevy Impala

Owner: Morris Franklin

Vehicle Nickname: “Lethal Weapon”

City/State: Peoria, Illinois

Club: Street Style C.C.

Engine: A crate GMC 350 was dropped in along with an Edelbrock carburetor at Brian Duncan Auto in Peoria, Illinois

Body/Paint: Brian Sackman and Josh Wren used a black basecoat with PT Cruiser gold for patterns. Old-school lace work and a water-drop effect with gold metalflake are seen throughout.

Suspension: A complete Firestone air ride was installed by Brian Duncan of Peoria, Illinois

Wheels/Tires: 100-spoke OG chrome and gold wheels with Hercules P155/80R13 tires

Interior: A1 Upholstery in Bartonville, Illinois, added Aztec gold and black leather throughout