“My dad used to race a late ’60s Charger back in the days,” says a proud Francisco Sanchez of Riverside, California. The car became somewhat of a family legend for Francisco, as other than in old cassettes and photos, he never actually got to see his dad’s Charger in person. Still, the car became the subject of many family conversations, and hearing about it only made Francisco that much more curious about it. “I found out my dad used to always race in Mexicali and at one of the drag runs in Sonora, Mexico, he met my mother, who was working at one of the booths.” After his father’s racing days were over, he began working at different dealerships as a mechanic; including Dodge. “My dad is still into cars, and he is still doing engine swaps and full restorations.”

When the sixth-generation of Dodge Chargers hit the market, Francisco wanted to get one and follow in his father’s footsteps. “I got it with the intention of running it and making it into a dragster, but later I decided to flip the script and build it for show. I wanted to do the interior, paint, and big rims,” Francisco explains. He also knew that he would get a lot more recognition in magazines by building himself a show car instead of a dragster, and his work certainly paid off. He has taken his car to fourteen shows and has placed first place in all fourteen of them. “I can honestly say that I’m on top of the game right now in my category. I’m still doing things to it try keep my spot there,” Francisco says with a grin.

Francisco would like to thank Lowrider magazine for the opportunity to be featured in the magazine, Lexani, Felix Grill, Vertical doors, K&N and Magnaflow.


“Blueberry Kush”

Owner: Francisco Sanchez

Vehicle: 2008 Dodge Charger

City/State: Riverside, California

Club: Nokturnal

Engine: ’08 Mopar, MagnaFlow stainless steel cat-back exhaust, K&N Filter and Kinetik battery.

Body/Paint: Issac Verdugo of Speed Tech in Garden Grove, CA, used candy cobalt blue on the Charger while Mike Lamberson of Dragon Lines in Riverside, CA, added the silver leafing and stripes. Custom made front bumper, side skirts, lower rear balance, Str8 spoiler, full body kit and extended wheel wells.

Interior: Lalo of Max Upholstery in Riverside, CA, used carbine fiber vinyl, ostrich skin, chinchilla and suede for the interior. The interior mods include four bucket seats and extended center console.

Sound System: Nine seven-inch screens, one eight-inch and one fifteen-inch screen. Kenwood head unit, two Kicker amps, four Pioneer tweeters, eight 6×9-inch mids and four 12-inch Kicker subwoofers.

Setup: Gabriel Zavala of Chalaks Customs in Orange County installed the airbag setup.

Tires: 275/25/26

Wheels: Lexani 26×10-inch Lust