This ’67 Impala was bought in Redding, California, as a gift for Erica Limones by her husband, Anthony. At first, Erica wasn’t too happy about it. “My friends and I have a little running joke going about how I used to be a ‘chola’ in my younger days. We joke around that my nickname was ‘La Giggles’ and everyone that didn’t know me from my high school days actually believes the story. When my husband first bought the Impala for me, I got a little upset,” Erica says with a laugh. Once she took a look at the car at the couples’ home, she forgot all about here ill feelings and fell in love with it.

Erica’s husband grew up around customs, as his father had been building them since the ’70s. It was actually Anthony’s dad who gave Anthony the lead on this ’67, which was being sold for a more than reasonable price. Despite its low price, the ’67 was a builder’s dream, as it was in all original condition with a rebuilt engine. The only drawback was minor in the fact that the original paint was a little faded. “Once I saw it, I knew that it was a good buy,” Anthony says assuredly.

Initially, the couple added some Truespoke wheels and kept the Impala in that mildly modified state for a year. “Our friend, Phil Leonard from Syrarium Color Studio in Hollister, California, based the scheme on a teal color and we added some reverse Truespokes and ran it like that for another year,” Anthony explains. “He wanted to paint the whole car, but I was hesitant as he had never painted a whole car before. Eventually, I relented and let him do whatever he wanted with it.” Phil and Anthony stripped it down to bare metal and the car came back with the impeccable paintjob that you see here.

You would think that with an incredible paintjob such as this one, the car would be a garage queen, but that isn’t the case at all. The Limones treat it like a regular car. “We take it out for groceries, to get ice cream, go cruising, hit up car shows; we’ll take it out just about everywhere,” says a proud Erica with a smile.

Erica would like to thank her husband, Anthony, for the thoughtfulness and work he put into her car. She also thanks Phil Leonard, Anthony Gonzalez, her father-in-law Joe Lemones, and Jorge and Juliet Nunez.


“Night Train”

Owner: Erica Limones

Vehicle: 1967 Chevy Impala

City/State: Gilroy, California

Engine: Rebuilt 283, small cams, Edelbrock intake & carburetor.

Body/Paint: Phantom Grill from Glory Grills. Erica’s husband Anthony, Phil Leonard, and Anthony Gonzalez stripped it down to bare metal and Joe “Choppin’ Joe” Lemones assisted. The couple let Phil go crazy on the paintjob, which he did by using House of Kolors paint and Automotive Color to provide the flake and the custom purple.

Interior: Eddie’s Upholstery in Watsonville, CA

Setup: Anthony Lemones and Anthony Gonzalez installed the airbag setup.

Tires: Coker 5.20s

Wheels: Cragar Star Wire