Born and raised in Orange County, California, Brent Dobashi spent a lot of time around lowriders when he was growing up. He was always into them, but also had an affinity for building custom motorcycles. At the height of the housing market boom, he and his wife sold their house in California and moved to Texas, where his wife is originally from. Brent started up his own business in Texas and has been doing very well, so the couple decided to stay in Texas. “I used to build Harleys and Choppers with a lowrider style but it wasn’t until I got older that I traded my bike in for this ’62 Impala,” Brent explains. He then met Skim from Texas, and the two hit it off right away, as they both knew a lot of the same people. Skin then invited Brent to one of their club meetings and he has been going strong ever since.

When Brent purchased the ’62, it was in pretty good shape, but he nonetheless added his own style to the classic Chevy. He had Pablo, of Kandy & Chrome, pattern out the paintjob and had Danny, of D-Shop, lift it with a Hi-Lo setup. For someone who has taken his first lowrider plunge later in life than most, he certainly has done well for himself. Naming the car “Beginner’s Luck” seems quite fitting for Brent’s first ever lowrider. Brent admits that his favorite year of Impala is the ’60 model, and he currently has two convertibles in his garage.

He would like to thank his wife and daughter for their patience and support, and give thanks to his fellow Majestics North Texas chapter for all the help, with a special thanks to Pablo of Kandy & Chrome.


“Beginner’s Luck”

Owner: Brent Dobashi

Vehicle: 1962 Chevy Impala

City/State: Keller, Texas

Club: Majestics North Texas

Engine: 383 stroker, Edelbrock intake and carburetor.

Body/Paint: Pablo of Kandy & Chrome in Los Angeles, CA, patterned the roof, dash and package tray and Aaron of A1 Striping added the fine lines.

Interior: Stock

Chrome: Skim of Skimpala Plating in Krum, TX, handled the plating.

Setup: Danny at D-Shop in Keller, TX, installed the two-pump Hi-Lo setup with Interstate batteries.

Wheels: Zenith