Certain makes and models define classic lowrider ethos, and this ’60 convertible from South Side car club is a great example. Shot the day before it was shipped to Japan, this classic Impala exemplifies what it takes to fly a South Side plaque. The club prides themselves on having some of the cleanest Bel-Airs and Impalas in the lowrider scene and on the Boulevards. Repping South Side means a few things; your ride must be era correct, full of hard to find accessories and ready to hit the streets of L.A. at a moments notice! More specifically, your ride must be a Chevy made between the years of 1956 and 1965—they don’t allow any other makes or models in for membership! In the lowrider scene, the ’50s and ’60s are seen as Chevy’s best years, and many consider the ’60 Impala to have the best of both decades, since it carried over some of the ’59s radical bodylines but also incorporated some of the Impalas signature touches, such as the round taillights that were made famous in the ’60s models. The fins were also toned down in the ’60 model before being eliminated the following year.

The Impala was Chevrolet’s top of the line series and was also their only full-size convertible model. The ’60 Impala came in four body styles: four-door sedan, Sport Sedan, Sport Coupe, and the highly sought after Convertible. All the body styles had the Corvette-inspired instrument panel and sports-type steering wheel, with the only differences being in the Sport Coupe and Convertible models, which featured a rear speaker in the center of the rear backrest.

This particular ’60 features a one-of-a kind OG Air Craft pump setup by Mike Igarashi with custom tanks made to look as something that would appear in a ’50s sci-fi creation.


“Rising Sun”

Owner: Yasushi Igarashi

Vehicle: 1960 Impala Convertible

City/State: Paramount, California

Club: South Side

Engine: GM Performance 350 Crate engine, Headman headers and Holley lowrider carb.

Body/Paint: Trimmed Cruising Skirts, shortened bumpers and molded ’59 bumper kit. Original PPG color was used with a dash of modern day pearl. Metal Finishers from East LA took care of all the chrome.

Interior: Original kit installed by Freddy at Bowtie Connections

Sound System: Installed by 562 Customs

Setup: Mike Igarashi of Craps Inc. in Whittier, CA, installed two OG Air Craft pumps, three Adex dumps, four-batteries, extended A-arms. Homies in Paramount, CA, wrapped the frame.

Tires: 13×7

Wheels: OG Crosslace Zenith with three-bar knock-off