Angelo Rosado and his older brother, Edwin, have been inseparable since they were small children. Anything Edwin did, Angelo was certain to follow, from getting in trouble to custom car building. The brothers grew up in Dover, New Jersey, in a middle class family, and all their uncles were in the auto mechanic business and had repair shops throughout the city. It was in these shops that the Rosado boys developed their mechanical knowledge of engines and bodywork.

In 2003, Angelo purchased an ’87 Chevy Caprice from a close friend because he fell in love with the boxy body. When his brother decided he would move to Florida, Angelo wanted to come along because he always loved the weather there. Angelo made the trip with his Caprice in tow. Once settled in Kissimmee, Florida, he found a job at a mechanic’s garage and blended in.

The Caprice was brought to Ed Nester in St. Cloud, where the original paint was removed and House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red was layered over the exterior. Victor Poueriet, from Victor’s Custom Arts, came in and airbrushed all four wheelwells with skulls to accentuate the Chevy attitude. The final exterior touches were added when “Miguel the Pinstriper” put down his designs on every corner of the Chevy. Angelo added a tan canvas top to separate the paint flow.

Completely satisfied at this point, his motivation took an even further jumpstart when his brother Edwin’s Chevy Impala was featured on the pages LRM. He asked his brother for guidance to bring his Caprice from show car status to show winner status. The very next month, the Caprice was on stands with the entire stock suspension gutted out. A two-pump, four-dump Fenner setup was welded by the two brothers, they used 8-inch CCE cylinders in the front and 10-inch in the rear. The hydraulic display was put together using stainless steel hard lines, mirrors, and suede material to get more attention.

Angelo tells me, “It’s a different way of life in Florida. It’s like a totally relaxed comfort.” The weather and way of life inspired him to name his Caprice, “Southern Comfort.” Even better, his goal of one day gracing the pages of his favorite magazine alongside his brother has finally become a reality. Angelo has already begun teaching his 11-year-old daughter, Angelina, about the culture in the hope that she’ll understand how far he has come with his Chevy. His longtime girlfriend, Carrie, is expecting a new baby later this year that will also be a part of the Majestics Familia.


“Southern Comfort”

Owner: Angelo Rosado

Vehicle: 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

City/State: Kissimmee, FL

Club: Majestics CC Central Florida

Engine: The stock V-8 305-cid was removed and a ’77 Corvette 350 V-8 was dropped in. Edelbrock carburetor and intake was installed. A dual Flowmaster exhaust was welded on. All the motor work was done by Angelo.

Body/Paint: Ed Nestor of Nester’s Custom Auto from St. Cloud, FL, laid out the paint using House of Kolor Kandy Apple Red. Victor Poueriet, of Victor’s Custom Art, dropped in the airbrushing in each wheel well as well as the glass etching on the rear window and side windows. A tan canvas top was added to the roof of the Caprice. “Miguel the Pinstriper” added pinstripes throughout the entire Chevy.

Interior: Everything stock was replaced by Tom’s Upholstery in Central Florida. The seats were removed as well as the dashboard and built to replicate the stock ’87 Caprice.

Sound System: An Alpine CDA-105 head unit ignites the powerful 15-inch Kicker Competition Subwoofer along with the 10MB Quartz components located in the cabin. Two Kicker amplifiers make sure the sound is never low.

Setup: Angelo and his brother, Edwin, removed the stock suspension and installed a two pump, four-dump Old School Fenner hydraulic system lifted with 8-inch CCE cylinders in the front and 10-inch CCE cylinders in the rear. Six Die Hard Marine batteries are mounted and hidden away on each side of the trunk. The pump plumbing uses hard lines bended for show. The pump motors are each painted with the Majestics car club logo. A four-switch panel was mounted into the dashboard to handle all the moves.

Tires: P155/80R13 Goodyear rubber

Wheels: All chrome 100-spoke Mclean wire wheels