The ’42 Chevy Master and Special Deluxe rolled out of the factory on September 1941. Other than the grill and the front fenders reaching partway to the doors, they were identical to the 1941 version.

Otilio Calderon, who was in the Navy, bought this particular one in October of that same year. Two months after his purchase, the Imperial Japanese Navy’s attack on Pearl Harbor led the United States to enter World War II. Production of cars came to a halt that year as many of our young men went to war, including Frank’s father and uncle. “My father was there during Pearl Harbor and was then shipped out to war a couple of weeks after that. His brother joined the Air Force and also went to war. They both survived the war and came back home in 1944,” explains Otilio.

In 1988, his father passed away and his mother stored this ’42 Special Deluxe in a barn. The car was kept in storage for 30 years before Frank was able to get it. “Since it had a lot of sentimental value to my mother, it was a battle for me to get it off of her. She only agreed once I told her of my plans to restore it to its original state and show it in honor of my father. She was pretty happy about that.” When Frank got the car, it was in fair condition but still needed a full restoration.

Frank currently displays the car with his father’s Navy uniform and named it “Tilo’s ’42” in his father’s honor. He has plans to continue the cycle for the car, too. “I’m going to keep this car until I pass it down to my son.”


“Tilo’s ’42”

Owner: Frank Calderon

Vehicle: 1942 Chevy Special Deluxe

City/State: Salinas, CA

Club: Oldies

Engine: Martinez Brothers from Hollister, CA, brought the 235 back to its original state with three-speed transmission, Carter carburetor.

Body/Paint: Diego Martinez of Martinez Brothers in Hollister, CA, painted the Special Deluxe with an antique white and caramel.

Interior: Rivero Tapicera in Watsonville, CA, used two-tone vinyl for the interior.

Chrome: Done by Richard of Best Chrome in Morgan Hills, CA

Tires: Firestone four-ply

Wheels: 16-inch stocks