Trials and tribulations make us stronger and smarter, and when they happen on our way to a goal, well, they make reaching it that much sweeter. One person who can attest to this is thirty-nine year-old Fred Bryant, of Raleigh, North Carolina. As the President of USO out of North Carolina, Fred must maintain a level of leadership for others to follow, and his resolve was certainly tested with this build.

Fred decided that a Cadillac would be the perfect canvas on which to build a masterpiece. He purchased his ’82 Cadillac in Fayetteville, North Carolina while serving in the U.S. Army as a paratrooper at Ft. Bragg. Fred quickly began the transformation on the car that would come to be known as “Jungle Love,” however, it didn’t start well. A friend of Fred’s suggested that he should have everything chromed and sent him to a place to have the work done. A year later, everything he had sent to the man in charge was lost and Fred’s Cadillac sat pathetically on jack stands in his garage. The situation was grim.

With a bad taste in his mouth and finding it hard to trust anyone else, Fred began a friendship with Wil Brannock, the USO president in Central Florida. Wil put him back on the right track, helping Fred to find all of the replacement parts needed to get the Cadillac back on the road. Fred bought a ’91 Cadillac as a parts car, and vowed to strip it down in order to “90’s-out” the Fleetwood. The paint came quickly after spraying the Caddy with a Kandy red.

Fred purchased a ’93 big body with a full chrome undercarriage from a friend out of Kentucky and swapped out his ’82 stock undercarriage in favor of the ’93. Gary Greene quickly painted the belly to match the exterior. Pablo Prado, of Kandy N Chrome, was flown out from L.A. to add some sick patterns on the roof, hood, and trunk. With Fred’s car coming together after such a tumultuous beginning, he values the hard work that he and all the others put into his Cadillac along the way. “I have to thank my beautiful wife and two amazing children, Makena and Robert, for being there for me,” Fred tells LRM. The guidance and leadership from Wil Brannock, Gary Greene, Mbuchi Thiani and the whole USO family has helped Fred to finally bring “Jungle Love” out into the open.


“Jungle Love”

Owner: Fred Bryant

Vehicle: 1982 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham

City/State: Raleigh, North Carolina

Car Club: USO C.C.

Engine: Cadillac 4100 4.1 liter V8 dressed up with paint and chrome.

Body/Paint: 90’s fenders, hood, header panel, bumpers, rear lights and side moldings with help from Gary Greene. Kandy Red PPG paint done by ACTS Paint in Durham, North Carolina. Pinstripe by Augie of Augie Art in Roxboro, North Carolina. Murals done by Mark Alonso.

Interior: Red velvet throughout the cabin with biscuit tuck and roll. Custom center console. All work done by Mbuchi Thiani.

Sound System: Two Sony 12-inch subwoofers, Punch amplifiers with a JVC head unit. All work done by Mbuchi Thiani.

Setup: Two Reds competition pumps, three delta dumps, 8-inch cylinders in the front and 12-inch cylinders in the rear. Five marine batteries and four switches. All work done by Fred.

Tires: Firestone 155/80R13’s

Wheels: 72-Spoke Zenith wire wheels painted to match engraving done by Miguel from California.