As the old adage goes, you need to hit rock bottom to enjoy being on top. Although not a pleasant journey, it’s one nonetheless that thirty-three year old Miller Mantovanelli had been on. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, he and his family lived in an impoverished area and with little resources; the entire family was forced to make do with what they had. Miller’s grandfather always had older vehicles and because of that, parts were always breaking or malfunctioning. Purchasing new parts was out of their budget so his grandfather would send Miller and his brother to junkyards in search of parts. After many years of this, Miller learned how to replace and fix their vehicles.

After his eventual move to Miami, Florida, Miller would spend hours at the local library reading Lowrider Magazine with a dictionary and a Portuguese-to-English translation guide. He learned through backlogs of technical articles how to custom build frames, install hydraulics, and rework every body modification possible. That knowledge led him to start his own business in 2011 customizing vehicles, a business he called MCW Customs, located in Medley, Florida. Without a flagship vehicle for the business, Miller began searching for vehicles that would showcase his style and work. He decided on a Lincoln Mark IV and located a mint 1975 model on the Florida coast.

Back at the shop, Miller disassembled the motor and reworked it to be road-ready. Attention was then turned to the body where Miller showed off his expertise. With the help of South Florida’s 25th Street Riders car club, a rich paint scheme was added, along with the hydraulic setup that gave the Lincoln a little breathing room on the streets. In full spontaneous fashion, the name “Foxy” was derived from the song “Foxy Lady,” which was playing at the time he purchased the vehicle.

Miller wishes to thank everyone that helped with this build; especially his family, his wife Ena Thieme, the 25th Street Riders club including Martian, Keoni, and Marlon, as well as Rivero Upholstery for their attention to detail. “I always had a dream to build a Lowrider vehicle with my grandfather to show him what I learned from him,” Miller tells LRM, “but unfortunately he passed on before I got that chance.” With a custom build as detailed as this, there is no doubt his grandfather was proudly watching over and provided plenty of late-night motivation to help Miller reach his goal.



Owner: Miller Mantovanelli

Vehicle: 1975 Lincoln Mark IV

City/State: Miami Springs, Florida

Club: N/A

Engine: An EFI swap was done. The Lincoln was switched to fuel injection. Chrome valve covers were added.

Body/Paint: Vinyl top was removed, and a 44-inch moon roof was added. Keoni Teixeira added the DuPont Factory light aqua blue with House of Kolor silver metal flake & Kandy apple blue patterns. The MCW logo was airbrushed into the patterns on front and back dash. Action Plating did all the chrome work.

Interior: Rivero Upholstery in Doral, Florida installed the baby blue vinyl color change. The wood grain was switched to brushed aluminum.

Sound System: A JVC head unit was added along with Infinity mids and highs. Two JL Audio W6 speakers were built into an enclosure in the trunk and powered by a Rockford Fosgate 5-channel amplifier. A 1970’s Sony TV-411 portable television was added for the retro feel.

Setup: Original old school Red’s Competition pumps using 10-inch Red’s cylinders to the front and 12-inch to the rear. Martian custom bent all the hard-lines using 3/8-inch steel. Accumulators were added for a softer ride. Six Deka batteries used for power.

Tires: Coker 14×5.20 Bias Ply

Wheels: Dayton 14-inch 96-spoke