A lot can happen in a vintage bicycle’s life, and change is pretty much inevitable for those models that are restored and customized by their respective owners. Despite this bike’s many incarnations and many names, the one constant is that this Schwinn has been in the same family since it was purchased. The 1971 Schwinn Stingray started as a two-wheeled creation which was modified by Vincent Mendez’ oldest son, Li’l Vic. He then converted it into a three-wheeler, which he nicknamed, “Heart Breaker.” “Heart Breaker” was reborn after being passed to the family’s second oldest child, Anthony, who christened it as “Gangsta Boogie.” Three years later, the bike was again handed down; this time to the family’s youngest child, Vince, who gave it some gold leafing and a stylished rim. Tommy’s Kustoms, in Santa Ana, CA., painted the bike with a candy red flake that included multi-flake patterns, while VooDoo Kustoms, in Santa Ana, added some stripe work. Oscars’ Airbrushing, in Huntington Beach, CA., added the murals to resemble the classic look of David Gonzalez’ work. Eli Kustoms, in Anaheim, CA., integrated the upholstery by using metal flake, red vinyl, and red velvet, to complement the paint job. Bristol Sounds, in Santa Ana, CA., installed the three-inch LCD screen and DVD player with an Alphasonic amp and Pioneer 6×9 speakers.

After many different looks, it appears that this is one Schwinn will be family owned forever.