Randy Williams, known to most as “Glamour,” has been into Lowriding since the ‘70’s. His ’63 Impala, known as “Apple Martini” was the stuff of legend and Glamour made quite a name for himself within the street scene. The car itself was a clean ride –especially considering it was more of a show-hopper, but Glamour would also take the Chevy out to cruising get-togethers on the infamous Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. He took his car seriously and consistently pulled trophies for this hydraulically-powerful hopper; including various awards at Lowrider Magazine car shows and the coveted “King of the Street” award given at the street hops. No doubt, Glamour certainly had his fun hitting switches, but eventually he started to feel the need to take the car to a new level and make it more of a feature-worthy ride.

An emotional Glamour felt the pain on the fateful day he began to tear “Apple Martini” down to rebuild it, and he couldn’t help but reminisce and think back to a few years prior when he first found it online. The car was out in Salt Lake City, Utah, and barely recognizable as it was just the body with no engine, transmission, or chassis. Once he bought the project, the body shell was shipped out to him in Southern California where the floor boards and quarter panels were the first to be restored. A fully-strapped, wrapped, and reinforced frame was attached to the body before the engine was dropped in. Finally, a paintjob and an impressive hydraulic system were laid out and the Impala was ready for the streets.

Now, for the second makeover, Glamour ultimately added extra touches that catch the eye, including pinstripes and silver leafing, airbrushed murals, rear skirts, a clean interior, dark green convertible rag top, and a ton of chrome plating (thanks to Beto out in Moreno Valley, California). Frank of Frank’s Custom Engraving in Ontario, California added his elegant touches to the chrome for a nice finishing touch. Although the hydraulic setup is still powerfully impressive, consisting of three pumps and eight batteries, its visual appeal cannot be denied. Upholstered in a matching green and embroidered with the numbers six and three, the new chapter of the Chevy is complete and it is now known as the “Hulk ’63.”

Glamour sends his appreciation to those who helped and supported him through the project including, but not limited to, his wife Teresa, Mr. Blue, Anthony “Tee” Johnson, Shannon from Loved Ones C.C., Chavo at G Motorsports, Jose’s Custom Upholstery, fellow members of Ultimate For Life Car Club, and his grandson, Xavier “X” Esparza.

Tech Specs

“Hulk ’63”

Owner: Randy “Glamour” Williams

Vehicle: 1963 Impala convertible

City/State: Perris, California

Club: Ultimate For Life

Engine: ’85 Chevy V8 350-c.i.d. built by Corey over at BC Performance in Perris. Engine features a plethora of chrome dipped accessories including the radiator, fan, pulleys, and fuel pump.

Body/Paint: Matta painted the Impala at his house in San Bernardino, California, laying down a synergy green GM paint type with added gold flakes. Matta also did the pinstripes and silver leafing. Earn One in Santa Ana, California added the final touches with airbrushed murals depicting famous comic book character, The Hulk, running down the 91 Freeway in Southern California (on the trunk) and smashing Hennessy & Hypnotiq bottles and collecting money (on the skirts).

Interior: Tony over at Romans in La Puente, California took care of the interior needs, adding matching green upholstery in the stock Impala interior kit. The dash was converted to feature digital displays and the trunk was finished by Jose’s Custom Upholstery in Perris.

Sound System: Javier at Audio Systems in Perris installed a Kenwood head-unit, two Fosgate amplifiers, and a mix of Pioneer tweeter and mid-range speakers. A pair of 10-inch L7 Kicker woofers was added for some ground-shaking bass.

Setup: Randy took the hydraulic install into his own hands, bolting in three chrome pumps, three dumps, and eight deep-cycle batteries. The Canadian frame was fully wrapped and molded for maximum reinforcement.

Tires: 175/70/14 whitewall Hankook

Wheels: 14×7 Dayton 100-spoke