Some journeys are longer than others and for Southern California native, Reza Berahmand, his journey to building a bonfide cover car was certainly a long road. Reza’s passion for Lowriders began even before he had his driver’s license. “I used to build model cars and in 1997, I got into Lowrider bicycles,.” he explains. In December 2007, Reza bought himself his first project car; a 1966 Chevy Caprice Super Sport. “It was all rusted out and in mid-2008, I traded it and some money for the ’65,” explains Reza. “I got my license at 18, and ever since then, I wanted a ’65 − it was my dream car.” When the right car came at the right time and price, he wasted no time and jumped on the deal. The journey had officially begun.

“When I saw the car online, it looked beautiful but when I went to go pick it up in Lynwood, it was in worse shape than I thought and I realized I was going to have to build it from the ground up.” During the build, Reza ran into a lot of road bumps and critics but that didn’t stop him from keeping the build going. “In the beginning of the build, I did a lot of things that I was told to do by others, but I never really did what I wanted to do to it,” he says. This left Reza unsatisfied with his progress and he eventually began to rebuild the car to his liking Reza. “There was a while where I couldn’t catch a break. I would fix a brake line and then the engine went out; then I hit the switches on my car for the first time and the quart panel buckled. It was one thing after another, but I never wanted to give up on it.” Every time that he would get discouraged he would walk away from the build for a couple of weeks then he would be back on it. “Once I saw in my mind how it was going to come out, I knew that I could never give up on the build.”

After three and a half years, he was able to complete the build and change the opinion of all his critics. One thing it taught me that I would like to say to others out there is that when you’re building a car, don’t worry about the critics. Just keep your head on straight and stay focused on your build, and it will eventually get done.”

“When I broke the car out at my first show, it was one of the best feelings ever! Not only did I prove to myself that I could finish the car, but it also came out better than what I had envisioned,” says the proud builder.

The year of 2008 brought a new chapter to Reza’s career as well. During that year, a fateful trip to the Car Shop linked him up with Danny Soto. “He is a great guy. He never asked me to join Groupe; all he wanted was to help me build my car.” In 2012, Reza began going to Groupe club meetings and that’s when he knew that he was going to join.

Despite the phenomenal status this cover beauty has achieved, Reza insists that there are a few more modifications he wishes to make before he is ultimately done with the car. He is also currently working on a frame-off build for a ’64 Impala. “I’m letting my mind go wild on this one and this time, I’m only going to build the car once,” he says with a laugh. “I’m going to make sure that if I buy a part, that it’s the part that I need.”

Reza sends his gratitude out to: Mexico Collions Center, Krazy Kutty, Mack Upholstery, Tenarios Auto Body in El Monte, Yuma Plaiting, Danny Soto, Danny Boy, Rudy, all the Groupe Members and his family, girlfriend, and daughter for all the support.

Tech Specs

“Lyme Wire”

Owner: Reza Berahmand

Vehicle: 1965 Chevrolet Impala

City/State: Yuma, AZ

Club: Groupe CC SoCal

Engine: 350 installed by Krazy Kutty of Yuma, AZ with a custom exhaust, Accel distributor, Taylor custom colored wires, Bosch spark plugs and Optima battery.

Body/Paint: Molded hood and trunk. Javier at Mexico Collision Center in South Gate, CA used House of Kolor lime green pearl. Curley’s Pinstriping did the stripping while Bug’s Auto Art added the murals.

Interior: Mack from Mack’s Custom Upholstery did the interior work. Also a chrome IdidIt tilt steering column and Dakota Digital gauges were installed.

Suspension: Molded arms and CPP brakes

Chrome: Yuma Plating in Yuma, AZ

Setup: The two-pump, four-battery setup was installed via combined efforts between Krazy Kutty and Cornado’s Customs both of Yuma, AZ.

Tires: Coker Premium Sport 5.20’s

Wheels: 13-inch