Pierre and Melanie Suranto met in San Antonio, Texas and started their family about a decade ago. Having owned numerous Lowriders, it was a must for Pierre to build a ‘59 Impala, since this was the exact model and year that started it all for him back in 1994. Unfortunately, Pierre never got to finish that car and ended up having to sell it. While it was tough to see the car go, parting with it was the right thing to do at the time. Originally from Germany, Pierre remained undaunted, and still had the passion to build up another ride. In time, he followed through on his desires and built a few different makes and models but the look and class of the ’59 would remain in his mind for many years to come. Finally, Pierre’s dreams of owning another ’59 Impala became a reality when the opportunity to purchase another one came up a few years ago. This ’59 hardtop originally came out of New Mexico and was delivered straight to Pierre’s front door!

Pierre always appreciated originality when it came to what’s under the hood, so other than a fresh pair of valve covers that he got from his wife, Melanie, for Christmas one year, the 348 and Powerglide combo remains in close-to-stock condition. The engine was revamped, painted, and freshened inside the Suranto garage, while the couple’s longtime friend, Frank Chappa, assisted.

Pierre wanted this classic machine to represent many of the period-correct must have accessories, such as the highly sought after rear bumper continental kit, which was finally added thanks to Pierre’s father, Abdul. The car was taken to Slo of Hypnotized Car Club in Houston, Texas who installed the paint dividers, continental kit, and gave the ’59 the fresh two-toned look that Pierre was after.

As with most traditional Lowriders, the need to lower the ride is a must! Typically, hydraulics or airbags are the chosen methods of making this happen. For Pierre’s ‘59, he wanted something different. The setup he ultimately chose was like no other setup he had seen before, and he knew the appearance of it would knock the socks off of onlookers! It took many months to gather the components, but in the end, two original 1960’s aircraft oxygen tanks − accompanied by original signed inspection tags − were installed, along with some old school compressors and more. It took several weeks to complete, but the design has been a showstopper and back-to-back “Best Setup” award winner across numerous cities in Texas and Colorado! Cruiser skirts were also a must-have addition for Pierre’s ride, so after hunting those down they were immediately taken to Mister Steve Cervantez to get a dose of his amazing airbrush skills! Pierre is all about his family so that’s exactly what you’ll find on his ride, as he enlisted Steve to create a family portrait featuring the Suranto Family at their best, along with the family name. In keeping with the old school feel, Pierre elected to roll on OG 13×7 Tru-Ray bolt-on wheels featuring the original ‘59 spinner accessory. Spotlight and side mirror combos were added and a couple of titanium blocks underneath the ride’s frame will light up the night when the family is out cruising on the town.

The Suranto Family has settled into the Denver, Colorado area quite well now and so has their ’59 Impala, known as “Jazzy.” The ride has already been awarded the big awards like Best of Show, Best Lowrider, and 1st in Class for her first show season in Denver! Pierre says Denver has welcomed his family with open arms, but they will always miss their friends out in Texas. Pierre and Melanie thank CityWide, GoodTimes, 5150, Rollerz Only, Ladies Choice, Denver, Memories, Choice and all of the other clubs that have been so welcoming in their transition. They also give thanks to their fellow UnifieD Car Club members, both in Texas and Colorado, for their support. Pierre personally gives thanks to Melanie who truly completes him; supporting his crazy Lowriding hobby and lifestyle!



Owner: Pierre & Melanie Suranto

Vehicle: 1959 Impala

City/State: Parker, Colorado

Club: Unified Car Club

Engine: The original 1959 348-c.i.d.V8 engine, with numbers matching, was built up to top specs by Frank Chappa of San Antonio, Texas.

Body/Paint: Frank Chappa of San Antonio and “Slo” from Houston, Texas had their input when it came to the prep work and paint for this ’59. A PPG Aspen green and white color scheme was chosen for the final finish. Rody’s in Denver, Colorado added his elegant pinstripes and Steve Cervantes of San Antonio added airbrushed murals to the skirts.

Interior: The upholstery was redone in the original fashion by Jerry Vincent over at Jerry’s in San Antonio. Even the baby seat received the same upholstery makeover.

Sound System: Pierre did his own entertainment overhaul, installing a USA-630 head unit, amplifier and a Pioneer surround sound consisting of five 6×9-inch speakers.

Setup: A one-of-a-kind suspension is featured here consisting of Vietnam-era O2 tanks, vintage compressors, and hardlines installed by Gibby of USA Motorsports in San Antonio.

Tires: 13-inch Tru-Ray spoke rims with ’59 spinners

Wheels: 155/80/13 whitewall