Louisville, Kentucky isn’t exactly your first choice when you think of Lowriding hubs, but the fact of the matter is that the city can more than hold its own within our culture. In fact, the area’s Lowriding community has even had its fair share of hydraulic champs and notable builders who have contributed to the Lowrider movement.

While out on a trip to the Midwest, we caught up Jason Caranto of Louisville, Kentucky who was more than happy to tell us about his career in Lowriding. “I got my first Lowrider in 1990,” he recalls fondly. “I was 15, and I juiced it before I could even drive it.” The young enthusiast began working at Style & Performance in 1993 before making a move to Cool Cars in 1995, where he really made his mark. “I juiced over 300 vehicles there and had a big part in the development of introducing CCE Hydraulics,” he says. During his eight-year tenure at the shop, he began competing in Lowrider shows from coast-to-coast, spreading his reputation far and wide within the culture. “I have had installs on numerous feature cars and cover cars in Lowrider Magazine.” Jason has also owned his fair share as well, holding the keys to everything from classic VWs, to Mini Trucks and Cadillacs. The passing of great friend and fellow Lowrider, Fernando Garcia, in 2008 sparked an interest to build this project; Jason’s third Coupe Deville.

“I wanted to make this Coupe a clean street-ready car to take to shows and car cruises with my family,” Jason explains. The car was taken to Jason Cox, of Kandy Koated Kustoms in New Albany, Indiana, where all of the glass was removed to properly shave the original vinyl top. After some body work, the car was painted PPG white pearl W/House of Color white Ice pearl, and then taken to Josh Culver of Culver Customs. Out of his Louisville shop, Josh laid out the candy Oriental/Cobalt blues liberally; incorporating candy-over-leaf, finger-waves, water drops, laser fades, chasing lines, and any other effect you can think of on the Caddy. In fact, from the center color out, the car’s color changes over 60 times! Josh also leafed the body and topped the entire car off with his pinstripe work. All of the exterior trim was removed and polished by Top Notch Polishing, while the car was taken home to begin the Hydraulic install. The entire suspension was removed and reinforced, and in the process received front and rear stress points, two custom-machined CCE Turbine pumps, four oil system dumps, aircraft coolers, and five 1100cca batteries for power. The set up was powder coated and polished to match, and given a drag bar with Titanium plates bolted into the frame. Jason also fabricated the entire fake out panels and color matched them to the car. Jason also handled all of the Rockford Fosgate Power series Audio install, giving the Caddy (4) 4X6, (4) 6X9, (2) 10′ P3’s, with two amps hidden in the trunk paneling. The car’s interior is comprised of original D’elegance pillow tops with (2) custom color matched consoles for the speakers and TV’s. The Caddy is sitting on 14X6 powder coated HB wire wheels with Hankook 175-70-14 tires, meaning the rear end had to be shortened in order to get the wheels to tuck. The car also has a full LED conversion and composite headlights, and Jason has plans on chroming the entire suspension and doing a Stroked Twin Turbo engine swap very soon.

“I want to thank Cool Cars, Smart Shoppers, and all of my friends, but most of all my family for giving me the time to put in the work needed to get this project done,” Jason says. “This car is dedicated to my Mom, Dad, and Grandmother.”
After listening to Jason’s stories and seeing the quality of cars out in the Midwest you know that we need to head back to the “Ville” and surrounding areas, soon. We will see you all on our next trip out east!

Tech Specs

“Blue DeVille (Devil)”

Owner: Jason Caranto & Family

Vehicle: 1983 Cadillac Coupe Deville

City/State: Louisville, KY

Engine: Stock 1983 4.1 Litter.

Body/Paint: Josh Culver painted and designed.

Interior: A 1992 interior modernized the Cadillac, with seats that were stitched in two different tones of leather.

Sound System: Rockford Fosgate sound system.

Setup: Two Aluminum CCE Hydraulics and custom filters.

Tires: 175-70R14’s Radials.

Wheels: 14×6 100-Spoke Wire Wheels.