Growing up in Hollywood, Jack Jeiranyan didn’t have to go far to see Lowriders as many of them would show up on weekends to cruise Hollywood Blvd. His eventual destiny as a car customizer was further cemented by the fact that he worked for his father’s auto body shop. Within a short time, Jack had his first ride. “I bought a Cadillac and threw some McCleans on it.” Jack recalls fondly. Jack drove the car around like that for four months before lifting it. “I had hydraulics on my Cadillac and that used to be my daily driver.”

After he sold his first Caddy, Jack bought himself a ’92 Cadillac and ended up selling that as well. “I started building cars and selling them,” he explains. “Some went to Japan; still, I was enjoying it because I was able to make money while Lowriding at the same time.” He was also building a reputation, too. Jack got the nickname, “Cadillac Jack,” as most of the cars that he was building and selling were Cadillacs. While “Cadillac Jack” certainly had his hands on a ton of Cadillacs, there was a rare model that had eluded him for years; the Cadillac LeCabriolet.

The “LeCab” as it is affectionately called, is a Cadillac that no one has but everyone wants. After nearly fifteen years of searching, Jack found one through a friend in 2008. After purchasing the car from his friend for the same price his friend initially purchased it, the two discovered the Florida car was a rust bucket. Undeterred, Jack wasted no time in getting started on his dream car and immediately began the frame off restoration. All told, it took him four years to complete the build. “I was working on it on and off; the only thing that was slowing me down on the build was that I had to work on my customers’ cars first.” Once finished, the car made its debut at the Las Vegas Super Show, where Jack took first place at the LeCab’s first showing.

Jack would like to thank his wife, kids, and family for their support. He would also like to thank his cousin Mike, G Invisible Designs, Smiley of the L.A. Majestics for pushing him to finish the car, and most importantly, God.

Tech Specs

“Jack’s LeCab”

Owner: Jack Jeiranyan

Vehicle: 1980 Cadillac LeCabriolet

City/State: Tujunga, CA

Club: Majestics

Engine: The 350 and 700R transmission was put together at Jack’s Auto Body in Tujunga, CA. A red top Optima battery was used to power the engine. Speedy, at Speedy’s Metal Finishing in Santa Fe Springs, CA., handled all the chrome and gold plating.

Body/Paint: Using a Candy Green flake, Jake painted his LeCab at Jack’s Auto Body. Shin Pancho added the trunk mural.

Interior: Giovanni, at G Invisible Design in Sun Valley, CA., upgraded the interior to a ’90’s style with suede and leather.

ICE: Giovanni also took care of installing the Alpine head unit, Hifonics amps, MB Quart mids and Pioneer woofers.

Setup: The chrome double whammy setup was installed at Jack’s Auto Body.

Tires: Hankook 175/70R14.

Wheels: Dayton 25th Anniversary 14×6.5-inch.