U.S. Marine Mario Perez was born into the Lowrider life, as his dad has been a member of the Techniques since 1978. “The day I was born, on Dec 5th 1981, a Techniques member named Bruce Allen lost his life during a club function,” says a solemn Mario, who believes it was his destiny to pick up the torch from the fallen Lowrider. “I want to thank him for giving his life so that I could be born.” Make no mistake, Mario understands the cycle of life and this makes him extremely committed to remaining passionate as a Techniques member.

“I was brought up alongside the club and after I graduated high school, my dad bought me a 1981 Buick Regal,” explains Mario. His dad would give him advice on the car over the phone since he lived in Texas while Mario lived in California. “It was in 2000 when I got my car and in 2002, I felt I had to do something since I just had a kid; so I joined the Marines.” When Mario left to go to the Marines he left his Regal with his mom. Mario’s mom ended up crashing the Regal on a rainy day and they had no insurance on it, so it was a total loss. Luckily for Mario; his mom wasn’t seriously injured.

Mario’s father was also a Marine who had just retired. “He was recalled for a one-year tour out in Iraq and while he was out there, I was deployed as well. We were in Iraq together fighting the war,” Mario explains. “While out there, we were able to spend some time together and we would talk about some of the cars that we wanted to build.” While over there, they found a Cutlass for sale online. They bought it and began working on it, using their Iraq salaries. When Mario came back home, he saw an old lady who was selling her Cadillac. “The car was in great condition and I worked out a deal with her. “My dad ended up keeping the Cutlass as he built it to where he wanted it, so I started work on my Cadillac.” Mario still has a lot of plans for his Fleetwood, so keep an eye out for it at the shows.

Mario would like to thank the Marine Corps because without his service; he wouldn’t be the man that he is today. He would also like to thank his girlfriend Valerie, his kids Joseph, Dominic, Alize, Celeste, and his family for putting up with his hobby and he also sends a big thanks to his Techniques Car Club.

Tech Specs

“Stone Raider”

Owner: Mario Perez

Vehicle: 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

City/State: Covina, CA

Club: Techniques

Engine: 350 V8 with chrome and painted parts.

Body/Paint: Scott Holland of Suicide Kustoms, in San Diego, CA., sprayed the PPG Pearl White. Chino from Dream Works patterned out the roof, while Curly of Long Beach, CA., pinstriped it.

Interior: Joe of California Upholstery, in Downey, CA., stitched together the black and silver patterns using leather and suede. The Stoned Raider logo was stitched into the headrest.

Sound System: Mario Perez and Leo Nava of Hellafydraulics installed Power Acoustik head unit, Sony mids and tweeters and JL Audio amps and woofers.

Setup: Leo Nava of Hellafydraulics in Baldwin Park, CA., installed the two-chrome pump set up.

Tires: Marshall P155/80/13.

Wheels: 100-spoke 13-inch.