When you dream of perfection as a Lowrider, you build it, you build it, and you build it again, until you reach the Promised Land. The third time was definitely a charm for this latest offering from Jaime Guevara’s garage; an incredible 1976 Caprice Classic, better known to us as a “Glasshouse.” Jaime’s Glasshouse addiction can be traced back to his childhood, where days of seeing older neighborhood guys driving them made quite the impression on the aspiring builder. He vowed to have one of his own, and by age fifteen, Jaime was working as a painter. While painting houses and apartments, he saved what he could until one day when fate intervened. While passing by a small dealership, he and one of his friends saw a Glasshouse for sale. “I thought it was a really beautiful car and I just fell in love with it,” Jaime admits. “We stopped by and the guy said that he needed five hundred dollars down, so we worked out the deal there and then. Since I was only fifteen at the time, I couldn’t put it under my name since I didn’t have a license, so we ended up putting under my friend’s name and we took the car home that day.” In a matter of three weeks, Jaime had gotten rims, a sound system, and had lifted the car to make it a great street ride. After awhile, Jaime passed the keys to his brother and took a break from the Lowrider scene for almost ten years as he decided to focus on starting a family.

Once Jaime had settled in and started making decent money, he ended up buying his second Glasshouse. “When I found the car, it was immaculate; I bought it drove it home and I did the same thing as the first one.” This second time around, however, Jaime had a lot more money to play with. “We built it up nicely; I had a candy paintjob, a four-pump setup with ten batteries, and center-gold Daytons on it,” he says proudly. Jaime still owns that Glasshouse, but he decided to get another one in the hopes of building the ultimate show car. “Just like the other two, I just happened to be driving when I saw it, and I wasted no time in making the deal.” “My goal was to build a car that was Lowrider Magazine-worthy,” Jamie states. “My dream came true this year at the Tejano Super Car Show in Odessa, TX, as it was the first time showing my car and what can I say− here I am with my car in the pages of Lowrider Magazine!”

“I would like to thank God for making my dreams come true. I would also like to thank my wife, Dina, and my daughters Brandi, Amanda, Crystal and Gabby for the love and support that they have given me thought the years. I also send thanks to my friends, Zeus, Mike and all of the Exclusive CC members for their help and support.”

Tech Specs

“Pa’ Que Sepan”

Owner: Jaime Guevara

Vehicle: 1976 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

City/State: Lubbock, TX

Club: Exclusive

Engine: 350, Flowmaster exhaust, Holly carburetor, Edelbrock Durashine intake, Optima battery.

Body/Paint: The hood and trunk were molded. KCC of McKinney, TX., painted the Glasshouse with House of Kolor paint.

Interior: Leo of Leo’s Upholstery in McKinney, TX., added the orange vinyl with suede inserts. The rear dash was molded and patterned to match the car and a billet steering wheel was added.

Sound System: KCC installed the Kenwood head unit with JL Audio amps and subwoofers.

Setup: KCC of McKinney, TX., installed two Shorty Hydraulics pumps with Optima batteries.

Tires: Coker.

Wheels: 13-inch Cross lace.