Mike Rangel from Sacramento, CA., has always been into Lowriders. His fascination runs deep, and he credits his father, Roy Rangel, as being the person who got him hooked on the culture. Roy owned an upholstery shop in Salinas, CA., called Roy’s Upholstery, and he also used to judge a few of the Lowrider Magazine car shows in the ’80s, giving his young son ample time to absorb the culture. Back then, Mike’s dad used to own a ’77 Monte Carlo, which Mike would ride in whenever he rolled with his dad to the car shows. “Going to all those car shows made me want a Lowrider bike,” explains Mike, who has been into Lowrider bicycles since he was 8 years old.

At age 15, Mike took his Huffy bike to get some work done on it. “The guy wasn’t feeling the Huffy bike,” says Mike with a laugh. He took the Huffy to the back and brought out a 1974 Schwinn Stingray bike frame and gave it to Mike. The gift would inspire Mike to create something great. Mike decided to paint his bike himself, at his dad’s shop in Sacramento. He used candy blue and candy purple on his Schwinn. He then took it to The Kandy Striper in Sacramento, to have Kellie add some pinstripes, while Adolfo, at The Light in Salinas, CA., added the clown murals. His father, Roy, added the multi-color center velvet. Ron, from AAA Plating in Sacramento, CA., handled the chrome plating and Joel at Jagster in Los Angeles, CA., topped the bike off with gold plating. That Schwinn bike frame that was given to him is the same one that he has right now and the work on it was only paused for a brief moment in order for Mike to attend school. The bike has also brought Mike and his dad a lot closer. “My dad supported me a lot on the bike build,” he says with a smile. “I get a lot of support from my family. When I get back from a car show, my family is always asking me if I placed.” As of this publication, Mike has won over 200 trophies with his “Clown Confusion” bike.

“The name of the bike came from my fascination with clowns, but I was more into the scary looking clowns,” explained Mike. “The confusion is because I was confused on what direction to go with the bike build.” Mike knows he’ll have a car in the future, but for now, he enjoys building bikes.

Mike would like to thank his dad Roy, his car club Socios, Raul Alfaro, Gabe and Lisset.