Owner/Model: Vanessa Ramos

Growing up, Vanessa Ramos had an uncle named Fred Garza who was into building classic cars. “It was amazing for me to see the builds start from nothing and become something,” she says. Even though she was brought up around classic cars, it wasn’t until she met her husband, Robert, that she really became passionate about them. “He opened a whole new world to me,” says an excited Vanessa. “He showed me the time and effort that is put into Lowriders and how to enjoy the process of building a piece of artwork that can be driven in the streets.”

One of the projects she particularly admired was Robert’s build up of a ’62 Impala. In fact, she liked the build so much; she wanted one of her own. “My Club President, Joe, found a ’64 convertible on Craigslist in Dallas, TX,” explained Robert. “I thought the car looked like it was in good condition and the guy gave me a real good deal on it so I went down there to pick it up. I bought it and built it to surprise my wife with it.”

The surprise hasn’t lost any luster to Vanessa. “I love my car. My husband can get in his car and go with the boy, while I can drop the top on mine and go cruising with my girls,” she explains. “Robert likes his car real flashy but I like mine the way it is. It has an original look while still having a ‘wow factor’ to it.” Vanessa would like to thank her husband, Robert, for surprising her with the car, Verrick Falcon for the amazing murals, Sic 713 for the paint and stripes, and her car club Latin Kustoms for their constant support.

Tech Specs

“Respect Few, Fear None”

Owner: Vanessa Ramos

Vehicle: 1964 Chevy Impala

City/State: Deer Park, TX

Club: Latin Kustoms

Engine: 327, 2-speed power glide, single barrel carb. Fidel of Superior Chrome in Houston, TX handled all the chrome.

Body/Paint: Marciano’s Paint & Body painted the Khaki color, while Sic 713 did the patterns and leafing. Verrick Falco added the Mexican Revolution murals.

Interior: Freddy of Arjona’s Upholstery, in Pasadena, TX., added the OG style interior. A Dakota Digital dash was also added.

Sound System: Robert Ramos of Clear Water Audio, in Pasadena, TX., installed the Pioneer head unit, Infinity Kappa speakers, Sundown Audio woofers and Massive Audio amps.

Setup: Chrome double whammy pump with four Super Start batteries.

Tires: 175/75/R13.

Wheels: Galaxy Wire Wheels.