Matias Zamora, known mostly as “Jr.” to his fellow Klique car club members, has built his reputation for owning one of the best ’59 Impalas in Southern California’s Orange County. The ride, called “Glock 9,” may be his claim to fame, but it wasn’t too long ago when he was cruising down the boulevard to a quinceanera when the hydraulic suspension faulted and his frontend slammed to the ground, badly scraping up the undercarriage. “Glock 9” was not overly damaged, but Jr. realized he had invested too much time and money into that ride to be pulling it out for cruises every weekend; taking the chances of something happening to it. Jr. needed an everyday cruiser, but wanted something that was still show-worthy. His good friend and fellow Klique member, Oscar Segura—who had built many LRM-featured rides himself—had recently managed the build of a ’75 Caprice Classic convertible and was considering selling it. Jr. and Oscar soon worked out a deal and Jr. had a new topless ride to be rolling down the Boulevard on those sunny Southern California days!

This Caprice carries the classic Lowrider styles of the ‘70s and ‘80s with an eye-popping multi-colored patterned paintjob and a simple, but necessary, two-pump hydraulic setup. A matching parade convertible boot is visible with the ragtop down and with the ride’s suspension locked up; a chrome undercarriage can be seen from the front to the back. The A-arms and rear axle were among the many suspension components that were dipped in chrome by Peter Tapia over at Anaheim Plating in Anaheim, California. Upgrading to disc brakes from a Camaro was made possible by Jesus Aguirre from Santa Ana, California.

Jr. gives big thanks to everyone who helped with the build of “The County ’75,” including Oscar, Jesus, and Tomas “Big Poppa” Ruelas of Santa Ana. Jr. says he is not quite finished with the Caprice yet, and plans to upgrade the sound system and add some other personal touches to it in the near future.

Tech Specs

“The County ‘75”

Owner: Matias “Jr.” Zamora

Vehicle: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic

City/State: Santa Ana, CA

Club: Klique

Engine: Stock ’75 Chevy 350-cid V-8 with a rebuilt 350 turbo transmission by Oaxaca Transmissions in Anaheim, California.

Body/Paint: Alex Plasenta of Big Al’s in La Habra, California, took on the big project, preparing the body for paint and actually laying down the final finish, consisting of a House of Kolor Bittersweet Pearl. Tony Hernandez added graphics and patterns while Oscar of Oscar’s Graphix striped the convertible with some fine pinstripes.

Interior: Juan El Pasado of the El Pasado Upholstery Shop in Garden Grove, California, worked his magic, reupholstering the interior in the stock fashion.

Sound System: Carlos “Antrax” Mungia of Antrax Customs in Santa Ana, installed a Kenwood head unit, two Arc Audio amplifiers, and pairs of Infinity tweeter and midrange speakers, with a pair of Rockford Fosgate Punch woofers.

Setup: Herman Olmos of Anaheim got down to business on this topless ride, installing a pair of hydraulic pumps, three dumps, and six deep cycle batteries. Four switches control the ride’s altitude.

Tires: Firestone 155/80R13 whitewall.

Wheels: 13×7 88-spoke Dayton.