Growing up on the East Side of San Jose, CA., it was easy for Greg Babcock to get into Lowriding; the culture was part of the local landscape there as he was growing up. “I can’t say that there was a single point in my life where Lowriding wasn’t a part of my life or an interest to me,” explains Greg. Story and King were the famous Boulevards in San Jose, CA that that would fill up with 10,000-15,000 car clubs, individual members, spectators, and car fans every night in the ’70’s and ’80’s. The second that Greg stepped onto the Blvd as a kid and caught a glimpse of what the Boulevard was all about he was hooked. “It was over after that, I was hooked onto Lowriders and the entire lifestyle.”

When it came time to build his signature project, the local scene was the first place he found help. “I ended up purchasing the ’59 from Big Joe and a bond was created that still exists today,” Greg explains. After closing the deal, the real work began, and the build became a project that his whole car club got involved with. Greg and Joe both worked on the car with a self-imposed deadline of September 21, 2002 ? Joe’s wedding day. “We built the car specifically for his wedding and that day also marked the first day the car hit the streets. We were even a little late to the wedding as we were finishing the final touches that day,” laughs Greg. Since then the ’59’s sole purpose has been to represent the Stockton Chapter of Impalas car club.

It’s been ten years since the build of the ’59 was finished and the car is now apart of Greg’s growing family. “I’m creating new memories and friends with it while still proudly representing my club,” he says. Greg would like to thank his wife, Silvia, for the patience and his entire car club brothers past and present for helping on the never ending build. “I would also like to thanks Mark and Big Rob for putting me down twelve years ago with the car club and to my brother, Chris, for the supply of the spare ’59 parts.”

Tech Specs

“La Otra”

Owner: Greg Babcock

Vehicle: 1959 Chevy Impala

City/State: Stockton, CA

Club: Impalas

Engine: 327, Powerglide transmission, cherry bombs, Edelbrock performance intake, Edelbrock carburetor, GM Performance cam, Optima battery, Edelbrock air filter and valve covers.

Body/Paint: Big Joe at Lolo’s Customs in Stockton, CA., did the bodywork and painted the ragtop top two-tone with a lacquer Cambridge White and Aqua Green.

Interior: Rojas Upholstery in Stockton, CA., brought the interior back to its original stock pattern.

Sound System: Alpine head unit, Rockford Fosgate amps and Boston Acoustic mids.

Setup: Greg hid the Cool Cars setup to keep the car looking as original as possible.

Tires: Coker 5.20s.

Wheels: 14×7-inch Zenith of Campbell.