Model: Barbie Rodrigues

In September 2008, Jermaine Shaffer, an IT manager in the Bay Area, purchased this 1947 Fleetline Aerosedan from the Los Angeles area. “The car was running, but it needed a lot of work done to it,” explains Jermaine. Work on the Fleetline began immediately, and the first thing on his list was to swap the front springs with stock springs and add leafs to the rear in order to lift the car so it could be driven. The wiring was then checked to make sure there were no shorts or broken wires. Rust repair followed, as the trunk floorboard and outer lip was replaced. Once the Fleetline went into the body shop, it took two years for the bodywork and paint to be completed. Upon completion, the Bomb was dressed in merlot-colored paint and given a Country Club Wood kit built by Gary Myhre out of Minnesota, which was installed by A&H Customs in Livermore, CA. All Bay Powder Coating, in Fremont, CA, powder-coated the rims and all undercarriage parts.

Jermaine insists that his additions were meant to restore the car into a pristine driver, but not a show car. “I would always say, ‘what’s the point of building a car that you can’t drive and enjoy?’ If I was to do it again, I would do it all the same; the only thing I would do differently is to handle the body and paint work myself.” Jermaine would like to give a special thanks to his dad, mom, wife, and kids. He would also like to thank Johnny Cimino and Neil Demurs from Mission Valley ROP Program in Fremont, CA, and the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda, CA.

Tech Specs
“Lucky ’47”

Owner: Jermaine Shaffer

Vehicle: 1947 Fleetline Aerosedan Country Club

City/State: Hayward, CA

Club: Old Memories

Engine: 1951 Chevy 235 engine, 3-speed transmission, split manifold, straight Glass Packs, and Holley one-barrel Rochester.

Body/Paint: Skills Auto Body in San Jose, CA., used water base PPG paint.

Interior: Stock.

Tires: Firestone 5.60’s whitewalls.