Environment is everything to a Lowrider, just ask Jesus Gonzalez of Los Angeles. As a kid, his older friends, Ozzy and Mando, influenced Jesus to get into the Lowrider scene. “Mando had a Lowrider with switches in it, and I give credit to he and Ozzy for being the guys that really got me started in customizing,” explains Jesus. “I started off with my Lowrider bike and I kept going from there.”

As soon as Jesus graduated from high school, he bought himself a ’97 GMC Jimmy that already had airbags in it. With his new truck as his daily driver, he started meeting people from the trucking scene. In 2008, he bought himself the Chrysler 300 featured here. “It was supposed to be a nice daily driver while I still worked on the Jimmy,” Jesus says with a grin. A week after buying it, Jesus ended up buying 24-inch rims for it and things started taking off from there. Since Jesus knew some of the guys from Swift car club when he was in high school, he started going to meetings and decided to fix up the 300.

Jesus added everything to the 300 that he could think of, but he still didn’t feel happy with it. “I felt that my car had too much of the newer generation look’ to it and that wasn’t what I was picturing. Since I grew up in the Lowrider scene, I wanted it to have a modern feel, but with more of a classy look.” When the timing was right, Jesus redid his whole car and left nothing untouched.

“Next, I would one day like to build a ’62 or ’63 Impala. If I was to come across the right car (an Impala) and I had the opportunity to get it, I would jump on it. Even if someone had the right car for me and wanted to trade me for the Chrysler; I would do it.”

Tech Specs
“Gold Digger”

Owner: Jesus Gonzalez

Vehicle: 2008 Chrysler 300

City/State: Los Angeles, CA

Club: Swift

Engine: Candy painted and engraved 2.7L V6 with a Kinetic battery. Jaime, of Castaneda’s Engraving, in Azusa, CA., handled the engraving. Segundino, of Mendoza Polishing, in Santa Fe Springs, CA., handled all the chrome.

Body/Paint: Tiarra Luxury Grills provided the front grill. The back doors were converted to suicide before Leo and Mike at DV8 Kustoms in Bell Gardens, CA., handled the bodywork. Leo sprayed the 300 with House of Kolors Kandy Apple Red paint.

Interior: 87 Designs added the fiberglass found in the interior and multiple 7-inch Farenheit TV’s were added as well. Joe, of California Upholstery, in Bell Gardens, CA., customized the interior in tan leather and suede.

Sound System: Chris, at Jarboe Designs, in Lynwood, CA., installed the Pioneer head unit, Rockford Fosgate amps and subs.

Setup: Rick, from LA Kustomz, in Santa Fe Springs, CA., installed the airbag setup. The 300 also received an R1 Concepts brake upgrade.

Tires: 275/25R26 Pirelli’s in the front and 295/25R26 Pirelli’s in the back.

Wheels: Custom 3-piece 26x 9.5-inch Makaveli in the front and 26×11-inch Makaveli in the rear.