One of the most recognizable members of Majestics Car Club is also one of the most humble people you will ever meet. Simply known as “China Man,” a nod to his half-Asian ethnicity, this Lowrider has made cruising the Boulevard slow and low his forte for many years now. A staple of the scene, it has been rare to not see him cruising on the local Southern California streets or chopping it up with fellow Lowriders at the park during a get-together barbeque. In his lifetime, China Man has seen a lot and been through a lot within the concrete jungles of the urban Los Angeles area, and these experiences have molded him into a mentor and father figure for his fellow members and local youngsters looking for advice. China Man is always willing to motivate and steer people in the right direction, especially when it comes to the world of Lowriding; a culture that has kept him on the straight path to success. Almost eight years ago, China Man’s biggest claim to fame was the award winning show car “Gangster Edition,” a black and grey big body Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham that not only looked good on display, but also gained attention while hopping down the city streets, front-end nosed to the sky! The ride, featured in the March 2005 issue of LRM, went on to spark the awareness and popularity of the big body Caddys in the Lowriding scene for years to come.

Since “Gangster Edition,” China Man has dabbled with other rides including competition hydraulic hoppers. More recently, he has made the luxury crossover from Cadillacs to Towncars. Known as “Talk of the Town,” China Man’s ’99 Lincoln has once again defined the true luxury Lowrider car. This ride is complete with all the bells and whistles of any modern sedan, but also features an eye-popping intricate paintjob, rear moon roof, plush interior, and customized stereo and hydraulic suspension systems.

Always eager to pass the torch, China Man wanted to get his 10-year-old daughter, Leylani, involved in the family-oriented project of building a Lowrider. Without hesitation, Leylani agreed and the two of them combined their artistic visions to customize a 1976 Schwinn tricycle known as “Daddy’s Lil’ Diva.” The customized frame features modifications on the tank, seat post, and skirts, all done by Whopper in his garage in Camarillo, California. Dee of Hydro Customs in Lancaster painted the three-wheeler and once again, Conejo and Sketch were called upon for their talents with pin stripping and airbrushed murals. China Man took it upon himself to install the stereo system on the trike before the elegant engraving (by Gator Customs in Bell, California) was executed. With almost identical color schemes and themes, Leylani’s trike and dad’s Towncar match perfectly while they are on display side-by-side at the car shows.

China Man and Leylani have recently relocated to Northern California, but vow to keep in constant contact with their fellow Majestics Car Club members down in the Los Angeles area, all of whom helped out immensely in their respective projects. Leylani gives big thanks to her mom and dad, Whopper, Dee, Delgado’s Bike Shop, Lu’s Bike Shop, and Spike for all their help in getting the “Li’l Diva” complete. China Man sends thanks to his wife and three daughters, Mexicali Auto, Benny Padilla, Pelamela, How High, Old School Moon Roofs, L.A. Auto Sound, Big Pimpin’, Big Ray, Smiley, D Mack, and last but not least, God for constant provision.

Tech Specs
“Talk of the town”

Owner: China Man

Vehicle: 1999 Lincoln Towncar

City/State: Elk Grove, California

Club: Majestics

Engine: ’99 Lincoln 4.6L V8 built by Mexicali Auto in North Hollywood, California.

Body/Paint: Sergio, at All Star Paint, in Northridge, California, prepped the body before Oscar sprayed a custom Gold finish with multi-colored candy and pearl patterns. Conejo and Sketch, of San Fernando Valley, California, added pinstripes and murals. Edwin Gallardo added candy patterns to the frame and Benny Padilla added a plethora of engraving designs all around the ride.

Interior: Luis and Armando, of Upholstery Service, in North Hills, California, removed the stock seat coverings off of a ’91 Cadillac Brougham and custom cut them to fit the stock Towncar seats. Candy painted dashboard, door trims, and patterned interior panels complete the interior modifications. The mix of candy oranges was done by good friend and fellow club member, Angel Hernandez, of Big Pimpin’ Body Shop, in Oxnard, California.

Sound System: Jessie and his crew over at L.A. Stereo in Arleta, California, installed a Dual Audio head unit, two amplifiers, a pair of Pioneer tweeters and mid-range speakers, and two Kicker woofers. Dino, of Dino’s Customs Mission Hills, California, added orange Plexiglas, custom flooring, and boards.

Setup: Big John, over at How High Hydraulics, in Lancaster, California, installed a custom hydraulic setup consisting of whammy pumps, three dumps, and four switches, all powered by six deep cycle batteries.

Tires: 155/80R13 Whitewall Tires.

Wheels: 13×7 Crystal Wire Wheels.