In 1997, Frankie Bones was living in Queens, NY, and while he was flipping thru an issue of Lowrider Magazine, he caught the Lowrider bug. Since then, this now-Army Combat Veteran Sergeant has built dozens of award winning show bikes. “It makes it that much more fun to do what you love to do when your family backs you up,” Frankie says. For his newest project, a 1968 Schwinn Stingray, which he named “Blue Crush,” Frankie called upon the experts in the Lowrider bike circuit. “I put together an A-team for the bike’s build,” he explains. Frankie contacted John Twitty of the Kandy Shop, Danny Pechal of JustDeezines, Mike Spears of Spears Custom Cruisers, Darin Hagerdorn, A&R Plating, Henry Resendez of Henry’s Customs, Marvin Shiviran of Artist Technicians, Mike Linville of Toyshop Customs, Danny Morales, Eddy Picado of Eddy’s Hand Engraving, Speedy of Speedy’s Metal Finishing, and Tyler Chandler of TC Designs to help with the build.

The bike was kept a secret during its three-year build time in the hopes of it making the trip from its current location in Poconos, PA, to the Lowrider Magazine’s Super Show in Las Vegas, NV. Frankie was hoping to compete for the Lowrider “Bike of the Year” title this year, but the Army had other plans. “Unfortunately, I’m being sent overseas again real soon, so I no longer have the chance to compete for Bike of the Year.” We at Lowrider Magazine know that Frankie will be competing again as soon as he can and this sacrifice is only a fraction of what our servicemen and women do for our country on a regular basis. We salute you for your service, Frankie, and we would like to wish you and the rest of our men and women who are overseas a quick and safe return home!