The most asked question in our builder interviews would have to be, “How did you get into Lowriding?” While the question is almost always the same, the answer never is, as there are a variety of ways people begin their careers as Lowriders. Some people are born into it, thanks to parents and/or older siblings who Lowride, while others are simply exposed to Lowriding by the area in which they grew up. No matter how someone is introduced to Lowriding, there is a high probability that they, too, will introduce someone else to Lowriding.

Jesus Sosa was introduced to Lowriding by his brother, Juan Carlos, back in the early 1990’s in the San Fernando Valley area of Southern California. Juan Carlos was a member of San Fernando Valley’s One Bad Creation Car Club when he introduced Jesus to Lowriding. Jesus was hooked and took it all in. He promised himself that one day he would also build his own Lowrider.

When it came time for Jesus to build his car, joined One Bad Creation Car Club as well, and located a 1966 Impala convertible from a friend of his named Candelario. He immediately went to work on building the Impala. Thankfully with the help of friends, family, and fellow One Bad Creation club members the eight-month build was completed just in time for the 2011 Torres Empire Los Angeles show. When it came time for the trophy ceremony, Jesus was awarded first place for the Impala.

Jesus’ recently completed Impala was not the only debut at the show. Jesus’ son Jesse debuted a Lowrider Bicycle at the show alongside his dad’s convertible. Like many of those featured in the past pages of this magazine, Jesse was introduced to Lowriding by his father, and it will only be a matter of time before Jesse introduces someone else to Lowriding. Thus, they cycle continues and the culture will continue to thrive and grow for generations to come. Thanks for helping to keep Lowriding going strong Jesus!

Tech Specs

Owner: Jesus Sosa aka Chuy

Nick Name: Showrider

Vehicle: 1966 Chevy Impala

Club: One Bad Creation

City/State: Sylmar, California

Paint: Jesus Ricardo from RM Custom in Sylmar, California sprayed the mint green hue onto the ragtop. Rich from Conejos Pinstriping added accents throughout the car.

Interior: Gerardo in Highland Park California recovered the interior and convertible top with an OG interior kit. Jesus also added a JBL powered audio system throughout the interior.

Suspension: The stock frame was freshened up and painted to match the exterior of the car. Cleto from Mission Hills California installed the Pro Hopper Hydraulic set up with consists of 8″ cylinders in front and 12″ cylinders in back with 3 ton springs. The two pumps, three dump and 6 solenoid systems are mated to a switch box with 4 switches and are powered by six batteries. Front and back disc brakes installed by ABS Power Brakes.

Engine: Jesus, Juan and David put together the 305 at Jesus’ house in Sylmar California. They added a cam as well as a mixture of chrome dress up parts. Rigo in Arleta added the 2″ pipe exhaust set up with Magnaflow mufflers. All chrome done by Speedy’s Chrome in Long Beach California and all powder coating done by Astros Powder Coating in North Hollywood California. Engraving done by David Renteria.

Wheels: 13×7 Daytons

Tires: 5.20 Cokers

Thanks: My wife, Ofelia, and my children Jennifer, Jesse, and James. Thanks to my club members who helped me with the build. Thanks to Wence, Lupe, Sal, Cleto, Juan and Jesse for all of their help and support.